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EDM.com Spotlight

Watch Porter Robinson Show Off His Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) Skills

Porter Robinson recently sat down with THUMP to show off his Dance Dance Revolution skills and talk about his love for Japanese culture. The video was uploaded on the eve of Worlds' highly anticipated release. The monumental album has been the talk of the dance music community, and it is a huge step for Robinson's career.

DDR had a huge impact on Robinson. He says, "When I was about 11, 12 years old, my brother brought home a copy of DDR Max for the Playstation 2, I believe. It's weird that the Playstation was out when I was 12. I was just struck by it right away. It was the first place where I really heard electronic music. It was right when my young interest in Japanese culture was also coming to a head, so it was super significant for me in a way that I definitely couldn't have predicted."

Watch the entire video below to see Robinson tear it up on DDR and hear more about his affinity with Japanese culture.


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