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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 20

These heart-stopping drops are sure to land you in the hospital.

Well, I haven't exactly been timely with my posts as of late, so I can't thank you enough for your continued support. To show my appreciation for your guys ongoing dedication to our Dirtiest Dubstep Drops segment, I'll be bombarding you with boatloads of bass music over the course of the next few days. Today might be Volume 20's time to shine, but rest assured that both Volume's 21 & 22 are sure to be tearing through your speakers sooner than expected. Until then, you've got some unfinished business to attend to below.

5. P0gman - Fish & Chicks

Ever since P0gman’s Harder EP surfaced back in early July, we’ve been looking for the ideal opportunity to share this producer’s lethal sound. Well, when “Fish & Chicks” came out of absolutely nowhere a couple weeks ago, we knew that we had found our perfect match. Custom-fitted with limb-snapping percussion and synth work capable of sending entire nations into a complete panic state, this terrorizing freebie is as consistent as they come. If you’re banking on chaotic instrumentation and unrestrained bass, don’t get too carried away, because this isn’t that type of track. Rather, it's this song’s steady pace & even-keeled nature that separates it from the rest of our competitors. Drops this traumatizing should never be left unsupervised. End of story.

4. iBenji & Mothra - Drop The Bomb (Melamin Remix)

iBenji’s Hellraiser EP has been making the rounds for the past couple weeks, but oddly enough, it’s actually Melamin’s heartless remix of “Drop The Bomb” that has resonated with us the most. Do you enjoy names like Datsik? Rekoil? Barron? Ok, that’s a good start, because clearly you’re already well versed in the lightning rod topic of dirty drops. So go ahead and do yourself a favor by adding this musician’s moniker to your already long list of criminal maestros. For those of you into the kind of drops that aren’t even skanky enough to get you arrested for lewd & lascivious behavior, than stop wasting our time. We’ve got important business to conduct here, and disgusting bass music waits for no man. It would seem that it’s only a matter of time until somebody hits Melamin with a murder charge. May your ears rest in peace.

3. Dubloadz - Ill Communication

How can you call yourself a fan of dubstep and not blast Dubloadz on a day-to-day basis? Seriously, we’d love a decent response, but the fact of the matter is, no such response exists. Let’s just pretend for a moment that 12th Planet, Datsik, Eptic, Getter, & tons of other bass music producers weren’t already using his tunage to carry their live sets. Just disregard all of that for a brief moment. We were still forced (and gladly, mind you) to acknowledge the future of dubstep when SMOG Records had a helping hand in releasing his groundbreaking Jugular EP a couple weeks ago. Can your body withstand the type of drops that land you in a hospital bed? Can your mind hold up against some of the most manipulative melodies of all time? And most importantly, do you have a high laugh threshold? Because you’re going to need that in order to absorb the hysterical vocal samples of “Ill Communication” at maximum efficiency.

2. Zomboy - Immunity

Well, Zomboy might be the only thing keeping Dubloadz from holding down the top three spots in this week’s countdown. Wouldn’t that have been something? But as filthy as we like to get in this saucy little segment of ours, fairness has always been one of our cornerstone pillars. Hell, I could make a solid argument that Dubloadz entire EP could’ve occupied all five of Volume 20’s open slots. But with so much great music sliding around the circuit, that just didn’t seem necessary.

Now, considering that Zomboy’s The Outbreak LP just hit the open marketplace recently, we had an ample amount of compositions to choose from. Having said that, it took all of about ten seconds before deciding that “Immunity” was the song to get the job done. Its drops didn’t just meet our qualifications - they straight up obliterated them! All of our loyal MUST DIE! minions are sure to have a field day with this one. If drop number one doesn’t roll out your tombstone, drop number two will be quick to finish the job. Nobody is immune to the wrath of drops this dirty.

1. Dubloadz & TrollPhace - Dangalang

Have you been to a live dubstep performance in the past six months? If you answered yes, then there’s a 99.9% chance that you’ve heard “Dangalang.” This scene-stomping song has received undying praise from some of the biggest names in the dance music industry today, and you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure out why. First of all, it’s a collaboration with the one and only TrollPhace. Who, by the way, has just been smashing every tune that’s been laid out in front of him lately. Then you take into account that the track is literally slathered in unconventional sound effects and sing-along vocal samples. I mean, what more could you possibly want? These drops are so hard that they make granite look like silly putty. They make concrete feel like a grass surface. Heck, they make diamonds seem life the most permeable mineral on earth. We can’t keep the girls off of Dubloadz’s jock, which is the price he pays for manufacturing dirt-nasty drops.

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