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EDM.com Spotlight

Electric Zoo Artist Spotlight: Henry Fong [Exclusive Interview & Mix]

We can't wait for Henry Fong on Electric Zoo's main stage!

Henry Fong has blown up over the past few years due to his great bootlegs and originals. Additionally, he possesses the ability to spin high-energy sets and keep fans dancing, which was on display at this year’s Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, and HARD Summer.

Fong is set to perform at Electric Zoo over Labor Day Weekend, and he's our selection to be featured in this week's Electric Zoo Artist Spotlight. Hit play on his exclusive EDM.com mix and read the interview below!

(EDM=Deanna Krolowitz of EDM.com; HF=Henry Fong) 

EDM: You've had quite the year, quickly becoming one of the most prominent up-and-coming DJ/Producers. How did your career begin and evolve into where you are now?

HF: Toward the end of college, I started playing around in my garage with some turntables. A couple months after I learned the basics, I scored some local college bar gigs through some of my friends who were bartenders. I had to play a lot of Top 40 and Hip Hop, then once I got into dance music, I just kept playing as much as the commercial crowds could handle. Soon enough, I had about four weekly resident gigs in Orlando, Florida and just really started pushing dance music on those nights. I kind of hit the ceiling with all of it and realized I had to start producing in order to keep growing...So for about two years, I locked myself in my room and produced whenever I could. Since then, it's been a bit of a whirlwind. *laughs* But now I'm here!

EDM: You’ve been a part of the scene for some time now, and have been busy releasing a great deal of material on Mad Decent, OWSLA, Spinnin’, Hysteria and plenty more. What has inspired you to keep moving forward with your career?

HF: All those labels are great! What inspires me most to keep pushing forward is just making tunes. My productions are usually pretty simple, but the fun part is making something that works on the dance floor with a unique twist. I also really like playing new music in my sets that a lot of the other guys aren't playing. I want people to listen to my sets and every once in a while say, "Damn, what song is this?" 

EDM: What do you enjoy the most about performing at festivals versus the club scene? Also, what are you most excited about for Electric Zoo?

HF: It's an honor to play this year! Festivals are great because there are no distractions like there can be in a club. At clubs, you have bottle service, and it's more of a hang out. Festivals are strictly for the music and nobody is leaving...They are all trapped in the best way possible. *laughs*

EDM: Any artists in particular stand out to you as major influences from the beginning of your DJ career?

HF: Absolutely! I'd say the biggest is The Prodigy. That was the first dance music artist I was really exposed to and started religiously listening to. I think I was about ten when I first saved up enough money to buy their album. I think that's where I get some of my more rugged, electro, and old school influences.

EDM: You started out DJing locally in Florida, and you are now about to play the main stage at Electric Zoo New York. How did you branch out from that local DJ position? What advice can you give to aspiring DJs and producers?

HF: It was really tough to break out of the local scene, but the biggest help was producing my own music. So if I can give any advice, I’d definitely spend as much time as you can producing!

Henry Fong will perform on Electric Zoo’s Main Stage West on the final day of the festival (August 31st). Joining him on that same day and stage will be big-named producers such as Kaskade, Mat Zo, and Bingo Players. Get your tickets for this year’s Electric Zoo festival here. Act fast if you want your wristbands mailed to avoid long lines at will call.

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