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Goldroom Releases First Single In A Year: 'Till Sunrise' [Interview]

Painting a crystal clear atmospheric setting through his soundscapes, Goldroom has wowed us yet again with his new single, “Till Sunrise.” The track guides one’s acoustic senses through tropical synths and dream-like progressions. The release is the Los Angeles-based producer's first single in nearly a year.

Last week, Goldroom released “the premix” edition, a vocal stem of the track for up-and-coming producers to download and remix the song. The concept behind the a cappella version was to allow producers to imaginatively create their variation of the song before ever hearing the original.

Goldroom is acknowledged for his luscious reflective style, creatively capturing a moment in time through his musical aesthetics. “Till Sunrise” resonates with a shimmering introduction building to tranquil vocals by Mammals. A listener may experience a sensation of escapism or peacefulness in beautiful natural scenery while drifting away to this spirited tune. Released on Goldroom's own label, Binary Records, “Till Sunrise” glistens with a refreshing and captivating vibe.

For closer, in-depth analysis of Goldroom’s thinking, check out our interview with the producer below.

(EDM = Carissa Gerzeny of EDM.com; G = Goldroom)

EDM: What inspired the urge to create the “premix” project for your new single “Till Sunrise”?

G: I've had the idea for a few years now, but for a few reasons the timing was never right to try it out. I'm pretty free of restrictions at this point, so I decided to give it a go. I've always been fascinated by the idea of somebody doing a remix having not been influenced by the original song in any way, so this process has been really exciting to me.

EDM: It has been almost a year since your last release. What has been your focus in your producing career during this time?

G: In some ways, it hasn't felt like a year because "Embrace" and the whole EP really took time to grow and breathe through word of mouth. I've been writing pretty much non-stop since the EP came out, so really this is my first chance to introduce people to the new music I've been working on!

EDM: How do you manage touring while producing new music? Are there any secrets to your success worth sharing?

G: Trying to write music while touring is really hard. I need to be inspired to feel good about working on music and sometimes that's just very difficult when you're exhausted from being on the road. For me, it's just all about being able to strike when inspiration hits me. If I get an idea, whether it's a concept, a lyric, or anything, I jump on it and try to get it down, even if it's just me singing into my iPhone.

EDM: What are your inspirations in creating your individual sound? What influences your artwork?

G: My "sound" is something that really comes from inside. I'm rarely referencing other people's tones or instruments or sound palates. When I'm making songs, I'm just picking things that I think sound rad! What really inspires me are songwriters and producers that craft well thought out songs and albums. As for my artwork, I think film has always been a big influence. I always hear music in terms of sound tracking life, so a lot of the visuals I'm drawn to are cinematic and sweeping and emotional in nature. Even when I was a kid I was really into landscape photography. I used to pour over this book of Ansel Adams photos that my mother had at our house.

EDM: Vocal melodies play a major part in many of your productions. How do you go about selecting vocals for your work?

G: Well, I think unlike a lot of producers, I rarely take bunches of submissions of vocals and pick the best ones. I like sitting down in a room and writing a song. Whether that happens alone or with someone else, I think that's the truest and best way to write a song. At the end of the day, I really want to have something authentic and meaningful to share with people. I love writing with all sorts of people because you never know how it's going to go getting in a room with someone and trying to write a song. It's kind of like dating in that way. It can be magical, though!

EDM: Describe your ideal environment to perform.

G: On the beach, outside... 100%

EDM: What can fans expect from your music and shows in the future?

G: If everything goes according to plan, I'll be releasing a full-length album next year, which is so exciting. It's been something I've been working towards for 3 years, so I can't wait to share it all with everyone!

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