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Are Deadmau5 & Bassnectar Working Together?

Bassnectar tweets Deadmau5: Could a collaboration be on the way?

Bassnectar and deadmau5 are two of the most outspoken individuals in dance music, so it's not unfamiliar territory for their tweets to be making headlines. However, today's topic  is something we haven't seen before. Bassnectar tweeted deadmau5 earlier today, informing him to check his inbox for an "idea."

The two are legendary producers, but they're known for creating very different kinds of music. We can't even begin to imagine what kind of musical baby might form from a collaboration between these two.

At this point, any kind of collaboration is only speculation, and it might not even be a musical collaboration. All we know is that we're really excited for whatever kinds of crazy ideas they are going to come up with.

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