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EDM.com Spotlight

10 Types of People to Avoid at Music Festivals

Written by Taya-Maria El-Asmar

Have you ever encountered rude people at music festivals? Ever been kicked in the head by a girl who happens to be swinging her legs while sitting on a guy’s shoulders? There are many different types of people at festivals who can ruin your experience. Here are ten types of people you should avoid and avoid being like at music festivals.

1) The Plower

You know, the one that leaves devastation in their path migrating in and out of the pit. People, people. We all know how crowded these festivals can be, especially when you happen to be at the front and need some air. There is nothing wrong with wanting to move, but there is a proper way of doing so. Bulldozing and shoving through people who are just trying to enjoy the music is incredibly rude and frankly, quite annoying. A simple “excuse me” or “sorry” goes a long way in avoiding an unnecessary confrontation, especially when you’re the one bumping into the person. What you should not do is flip them off or swear. Everyone wants to have a good time, and that will just ruin the environment.

2) The Personal Space Abuser

That particular breed of ravers that decides to move up to the front of the crowd even though a sheet of paper wouldn’t fit there. When there is no space for you to move up, don’t. Wanting to get to the front halfway through a set when everyone is already touching noses is nearly impossible. If you can move up, do so by all means, but don’t jump on top of people just because you “looooove Skrillex soooo much!” Pick a spot before the set begins and stick to it; the experience is just as nice. If you find yourself in the back, that means there’s more room to dance and jump around.

3) The Line Bumper

Whether it’s standing in line to get into the venue, waiting at the water station, or trying to use the bathroom, there is no need to bump the line and piss off those who have been waiting much longer than you. You’ll get your turn eventually. Patience is key. If you really, really need to use the bathroom, ask the person in front of you nicely. If someone else has clearly been waiting to use the water station, don’t push your way to reach it first. We’re all there to have a good time; why sour the mood? You wouldn’t jump in front of someone to use an ATM at a bank, or when waiting to be seated at a restaurant, so why do so at a festival?

4) The Kicker

Ladies…we all love a good pair of shoulders to sit on, right? Personally, I can get over the booty in my face if someone happens to be riding a shoulder directly in front of me, but it’s another thing when someone behind me or beside me has their legs dangling and kicking my head. Best way to ride shoulders in my opinion? Tuck your feet behind the back…That way you are more balanced, and you don’t knock somebody in the face.


5) The Pacifier

These ones are always looking for their lost friend Molly, and will make sure to ask everyone in their path if they have seen her. Has your mother never taught you not to take candy from a stranger? Play it safe and don’t take anything at all, because you might end up in a hospital bed, or worse. You always hear in the news of the people who were taken to the hospital from too much substance use. Be smart about how you enjoy yourself.

6) The Share-er

Vapes are pretty cool, right? I’m in love with mine and take it literally everywhere with me. It’s not a bad thing asking someone about it or complimenting them on it, but asking to try it and then getting mad when that person says no? Hygienically speaking, you don’t know where their mouth has been, and that person doesn’t know where your mouth has been. So don’t get mad when the owner says no, and don’t swear or flip them off.

7) The Flip-Flopper

This type of attendee feels the need to come in open shoes, regardless of weather and field conditions. At the end of the day, music festival culture is acceptable of pretty much anything when it comes to clothing. But wearing flip-flops at night? Invest in sneakers or converse. That could save you ripped straps, bruises, and even broken toes. Usually these festivals are outdoors, and Veld this year was especially muddy. Many poor souls were wearing uncomfortable shoes and ended up suffering from them. Come prepared and minimize foot pain.

8) The Chanter

Usually seen shirtless or in a bro tank with a ridiculous saying on the front. Bro chants can be fun, especially when anticipating your favorite artist. But chanting “hey-ho” every 5 minutes gets really annoying to those around you trying to listen to the music. This breed of attendee is usually found jumping around like hooligans, fist pumping madly, and falling on top of the poor, unfortunate souls who happen to be in the vicinity of the chant. Stop this nonsense, and enjoy the music. That’s what you’re there for.

9) The Grinder

They are known for one thing, and one thing only: awkward and poorly coordinated grinding. They will usually find the most inconvenient place to begin a motion with their hips and actively bump into as many people, as many times as possible. The mosh pit is no place for grinding when everyone’s shoulders are already touching. If you want to be “that guy”, move to a location where there’s more space.

10) The Fighter

They come in many forms, sometimes as a couple, or sometimes as individual people. They share the same trait…they are never seen enjoying the music, only seen arguing or yelling at each other. Whether it’s a dissatisfied boyfriend or a #BroChanter gone too far with his chants, some colorful language or fists may be exchanged. Music festivals are supposed to be a happy place, where people come together to celebrate a shared love for music. No one wants to hear you arguing or yelling. EDM is a beautiful thing, and it should not be tainted with fights. Someone pisses you off? Move away from them. Surround yourself with positive energy.

Cover photo credit: Noisey