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Lumberjvck: The Next Face Of Hybrid Trap [Interview]

The blending of 808 instruments with dubstep synths is nothing entirely new, however there are more than a handful of producers today that are taking unprecedented directions with the sounds and instruments provided. It has established the birth of a newly bridged genre called hybrid trap, and one California-based producer/dj Connor Schatzel, better known as Lumberjvck, is paving the way of this evolutionary sound. From his singles "Click Clvck" to his upcoming JVCKWOOD EP dropping on August 25th via Rottun Records, Lumberjvck has cemented himself in our radar of acts-to-know in the coming year. We recently spoke with this fresh mind in bass music about his early music background, current career, and upcoming EP, so take a stroll through the life of this talented artist and look out for his upcoming JVCKWOOD EP coming later this August!

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EDM: Where did the Lumberjvck name come from?

LBJ: The name LUMBERJVCK started when I was a freshman in college. I was making a lot of music at the time and I knew I needed an original name that would make an impact. One cold night at Cal State Northridge my friend was wearing a plaid ski hat with ear muffs. He looked like a lumberjack and that was when the idea for the name came to me. I chose to switch the “a” out for a “v’ to make sure I was original and unique.

EDM: How has your musical background influenced your direction today? Have you always been an EDM fan? 

LBJ: My parents exposed me to bands like Santana and Chicago at a very young age. When I was a pre-teen I listened to a lot of alternative rock like Fall Out Boy and Yellowcard. High school was mostly dubstep, trap, and hip-hop. Now I listen to a little bit of everything every day. I’m always switching it up so I can get more inspiration. I’ve been an EDM fan since I first heard “Nuke Em” by Datsik.

EDM: You studied music production amongst other things at the ICON Collective in CA, what was the best lesson you learned from the prestigious academy?

LBJ: Icon Collective taught me so many useful things for this industry. It is really hard to pick one lesson. I think the best lesson I learned was to stay original and true to myself. I was taught not to follow whats popular, but to become the next popular thing utilizing originality and quality.

EDM: How do you define the "hybrid trap" sound? What separates it from the other heavy-bass genres today?

LBJ: Hybrid trap basically just happened one day. I love producing both dubstep and trap equally and It was only a matter of time before the two genres collided into one track. I think Hybrid trap is probably one of the most complicated genre’s to make in the EDM scene right now and thats what separates it from other genres. That’s how I approach the genre when producing. Every track I make has to blow your mind.

EDM: What was your approach to creating the JVCKWOOD EP? Any major struggles along the way?

LBJ: My approach on the JVCKWOOD EP was to bring the listener into a deep, dark, and damp forest. There were no struggles along the way and the EP came together in about a week. I was extremely inspired when I was told Rottun was interested in an EP from me so it was easy for me to finish it quick.

EDM: What was the process like getting your EP signed with Rottun Records?

LBJ: The process was quick and easy. My manager sent a demo of “Reelfoot Lake” over to them and they responded asking for more. That week I completed the rest of the tracks and we went from there. 

EDM: On the EP, you feature 3 originals along with a collaboration with KhemehK, how did this collaboration come to be?

LBJ: The collaboration with KhemehK was very natural. KhemehK was once a mentor at Icon Collective. I linked up with him after I graduated and we have been good friends ever since. He started helping me with a lot of post-icon questions and our collaboration came together one day when we were hanging out. 

EDM: Has your involvement with the hybrid-bass collective Pantheon influenced your sound or direction?

LBJ: Yes, Pantheon has inspired me so much. A few months ago there were only a few people making hybrid trap music. Now there is a whole collective of us. I am blown away by the tracks that come out through Pantheon every time. I am excited to see where Pantheon takes me and the artists involved in it. 

EDM: How did it feel hearing your single "Click Clvck" being played out by dubstep icon Skrillex on his Mothership tour?

LBJ: The day that I found out Skrillex was supporting my track was surreal. I felt like I was dreaming. Skrillex is one of my biggest inspirations in the EDM scene so it was a huge honor to be supported by him. I plan to have more tracks of mine supported by him this year and many years to come.

EDM: You recently played at The Avalon in Hollywood, how did it feel playing at such a renowned venue?

LBJ: Yes I did! The show was amazing. It was the very first time I had performed alone and headlined. I usually go back to back with a friend or open for someone big, but this show was all about me and it felt incredible.

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