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Knife Party To Release First Single For Free, Album To Release Soon After

Knife Party has remained rather quiet in 2014, as Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen have been working on their debut LP, Abandon Ship. Luckily, we've received some news on the album. Knife Party announced on Twitter that the debut single from Abandon Ship, “Resistance," will be released as a free download on Monday, August 25th. The duo also announced that Abandon Ship would be released shortly after its lead single's unveiling. 

Swire confirmed the development of the album back in August 2013. Although Knife Party has released numerous EPs and singles, Abandon Ship marks the duo’s first studio album.

Just last week, we got our first taste of a track off Abandon Ship. Swire uploaded a short clip of "Boss Mode," which he says isn't indicative of the overall sound on the album. We know you can't wait until August 25th to listen to some Knife Party, so we've included the preview of "Boss Mode" below.

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