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EDM.com Spotlight

Skrillex's OWSLA Label Releases A Free BitTorrent Bundle

BitTorrent Bundles are quickly becoming an effective way for producers and labels to distribute their musicOWSLASkrillex's popular record label, has partnered with BitTorrent to release a free 20-track compilation of the label's songs. The bundle features tracks from Skrillex, Zedd, Porter Robinson, What So Not, and many more. 

In addition to the music, you receive a 1-month subscription to OWSLA’s Drip.FM service, a 15% discount to OWSLA’s webstore, and the chance to win a Skrillex box set, OWSLA x Long bomber jacket, and OWSLA x Wonderland sunglasses. 

To download the bundle, click here.

OWSLA X BitTorrent Bundle

01 Zedd: Shotgun (Audio)
02 Dillon Francis: Falling Up (Audio)
03 Birdy Nam Nam: Going In’ / Skrillex Goin’ Hard Remix (Audio)
04 Support OWSLA (HTML)
05 Yogi: Burial ft. Pusha T (Audio)
06 Valentino Khan: Make Some Noise (Audio)
07 Moody Good: Hotplate ft. Knytro (Audio)
08 Snails + Antiserum: Wild (Audio)
09 David Heartbreak: Rebel / Trollphace Remix (Audio)
10 Alex Metric: Rave Weapon (Audio)
11 Jack Beats: Beatbox (Audio)
12 What So Not: Jaguar (Audio)
13 Henry Fong: Stand Up / Milo & Otis Remix (Audio)
14 Hundred Waters: Xtalk (Audio)
15 Seven Lions: Days to Come ft. Fiora (Audio)
16 KOAN Sound: Introvert (Audio)
17 The M Machine: Ghosts In The Machine (Audio)
18 Alesia: Andrea (Audio)
19 Kill The Noise: Saturn / GTA Remix (Audio)
20 TC: Get Down Low / Silverback Remix (Audio)
21 Phonat: Identity Theft (Audio)
22 Kill Paris: Foreplay (Video)
23 Hundred Waters: Cavity (Video)
24 KOAN Sound: Funk Blaster (Video)
25 Alex Metric: Heart Weighs A Ton (Art)
26 Alex Metric: Heart Weighs A Ton (Art)
27 KOAN Sound: Dynasty (Art)
28 KOAN Sound: Sanctuary (Art)
29 OWSLA (Art)
30 OWSLA (Art)
31 Hundred Waters: Cavity (Art)
32 OWSLA 15% Merch Discount (Coupon)

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