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EDM.com Spotlight

Londoners Spot Aphex Twin Blimp Flying Over Oval Space

Known for his strangely unnerving videos, inimitable studio productions, and distinguished live performances, Aphex Twin (aka Richard D James) is a dance music pioneer. He has released six albums in his 15 years of sound engineering and production, and each release has stood as a reference point for many of today's most respected house, drum & bass, and techno acts. Since his most recent studio album Drukqs was released in 2001, fans have been eagerly awaiting for a follow-up from the genre-defying icon.

Today, fans in England were greeted with a blimp flying over London's Oval Space sporting the Aphex Twin logo on one side and 2014 on the other. The sighting has caused quite a stir on Twitter, and many have been speculating what the blimp’s appearance actually means.


James recently came onto the radar in June when a rare vinyl copy of his album Caustic Window surfaced on eBay. A group of dedicated fans started a Kickstarter campaign to purchase the LP, and the vinyl eventually sold for an excess of $40,000. We can only hope that this demonstration is a sign of new Aphex Twin material, as it is definitely long overdue.

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