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Clean Bandit Makes Classical Sound Cool

Clean Bandit is stealing my heart.

Last week, Pretty Lights made history at Red Rocks with his live collaboration with the Colorado Symphony Orchestra. The combination of electronic beats and acoustic strings was unlike any performance had at the Colorado venue. However, when it comes to EDM and orchestral instruments, Clean Bandit is seriously changing the game – and people are quickly taking notice.

This quartet from England has performed the most thorough heist of 2014. Not only have they broken into the UK charts with singles like “Mozart’s House,” and “A+E (Random Acts)” they’ve also struck a chord with American Top-40 charts with their single “Rather Be.”

The group was founded in Cambridge in 2009, and consists of Jack and Luke Patterson, Milan Neil Amin-Smith, and Grace Chatto. Influenced by groups such as Disclosure and Rudimental, their music often features lyrics sung by a variety of female vocalists – allowing for more creativity by not having a set singer as part of their group. Additionally, many of the tracks they have produced incorporate pieces of compositions from classical greats such as Mozart and Beethoven. Clean Bandit truly bridges the gap between classic and modern in the most tasteful way possible.

I am most fascinated though, by how creative Clean Bandit is in all facets of production – both musically and visually. Take “A+E (Random Acts)” for an example:

First off, the introduction to the video is both audibly and visually stunning, while also just being downright intelligent. Clean Bandit introduces the song with JS Bach’s melody for the hymn "O Sacred Head, Now Wounded"– a melody that was also used in a number hymns and cantatas by Bach. Visually, Clean Bandit uses stop motion techniques to paint the body of the video’s dancers before they spring to life.

The rest of the video incorporates various graphics and special effects that tastefully add to the musical components, resulting in a finely put together production. The multitude of musical elements touching on various genres and visual techniques harmoniously work together and illustrate the dexterity of Clean Bandit not only as a musical group, but as a one-stop shop for innovative and thoughtful entertainment.

With an incredibly unique ability to fuse sounds of deep house and garage with that of classical music, Clean Bandit is sure to become an influential player in the realm of EDM. Their ability to also create visual masterpieces will only add to their immense success.

Starting in September, Clean Bandit will be gracing North America with their musical genius. Check out their website for tour dates near you!

Cover photo credit: www.theguardian.com

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