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Diplo's Category 6 PLURICANE

Strong winds of debate persist as actions toward rebuilding the scene begin.

This past week, many have taken to social media in reacting to Diplo’s decision to ban kandi from his ever popular Mad Decent Block Party tour. The measure was in reaction to the recent deaths that happened during the festival’s stop in Washington, DC on August 1st.

The debate about this decision has been a lively one throughout the week, with many people voicing that this ban is merely a temporary solution to larger issues and others agreeing that this is the right move in ensuring that people attend MDBP for the music. More telling though, are the comments that reflect a true ignorance of the significance kandi has in the American rave scene. Such comments signify the clear and somewhat unsettling evolution EDM has been going through as of late – straying away from the celebration of individuality and more toward enforcing a standard sense of normalcy.

There's been so much discussion about Diplo's measure that even Insomniac’s CEO, Pasquale Rotella, has weighed in.


As contentious as the decision has been, it has also opened up necessary dialogue about where the scene is going and how to preserve it without sacrificing traditional aspects of it. The onslaught of discussion – primarily through social media – has been so overwhelming that Diplo felt the need to address it extensively using TwitLonger:

“So... I never wear Kandi and I understand it's not drug related culture inherently .. We just had serious issues with kids hiding it .. and there was a definite relationship between safety and security and made it so we had to ban certain items. We have teamed up w dancesafe .. Cooperated w police and medics to really handle the last three parties and We have set up free water stations at all the mdbp .. All I care about is people coming to enjoy music and have a safe and good time.. Everything else is secondary .. I would trade 100 thousand angry ravers to have 100% safe and happy street parties when we started it on philly 6 years ago

So it's all good if your into whatever your into we just implement these rules for you.. Not against you ... This is just a simple set of rules we are using to make things safer... I'm sorry of they affect you or keep you from coming..All over the world kids and woman getting killed right now over beliefs, this is silly to get angry over .. If it bothers you just don't attend I'm down for anything positive but this doesn't affect our parties too much ... Im not the promoter, I actually had nothing to do with the rules being implemented but i do agree with my team.. And cause of who I am.. I'm the de facto speaker.. I have thick skin so u guys that consider yourself plur can attack me all you want it doesn't bother me.. I'm just here for the music.”

The most destructive part of Diplo’s PLURICANE unfortunately, is that this has also set a precedent for other festivals and shows to justify banning kandi, as his move validates the idea that kandi has a direct correlation with drug abuse.

Regardless of the stances being taken, it is really moving to see how strong the EDM community’s voice is in ensuring there is substantial dialogue about banning a staple of EDM culture instead of merely internalizing and accepting Diplo’s decision. It is indicative of the fact that this culture isn’t mindlessly evolving and that there are people involved who are actively invested in preserving many of its traditional characteristics.

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