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EDM.com Spotlight

Aphex Twin Hints At New Music Through The Deep Web

Aphex Twin, whose discography influenced everyone from Skrillex to MGMT, may be finally returning after a 13-year hiatus. Over the weekend a mysterious blimp appeared in London and a street stencil sporting the producer’s ubiquitous logo showed up in New York City, leaving many to wonder if Aphex Twin is prepping the release of new music.

This afternoon, Aphex Twin tweeted a deep web link that appears to contain an album title and tracklist. Normally associated with websites like the Silk Road, the .onion domain link can only be accessed through using the TOR browser, a network that masks the user’s IP address in complete anonymity. Internet sleuths uncovered a page listing the title SYRO and several presumed songs, all fittingly titled in Aphex Twin fashion (one standout comes with the title “XMAS_EVET10 (thanaton 3 mix)”). Aphex Twin has yet to make an official announcement, and it remains to be seen what exactly this spreadsheet means. Some people are theorizing that the numbers following the titles refer to the track’s BPM. It appears that signs are pointing to Aphex Twin's first album since the release of Drukqs back in 2001.

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