EDM.com Spotlight

EDM.com Spotlight

Pantene Pro-V Commercial Features RL Grime & Baauer

In a puzzling mashup, trap music has officially been blended with haircare products. In Pantene Pro-V's newest commercial, RL Grime and Baauer's "Infinite Daps" plays in the background. 

As Quartz recently stated, the EDM industry is not afraid to become commercialized, which will help dance music continue to grow. However, we didn't expect to hear a trap song utilized to help market the end of split ends to females. If anything, we envisioned a shampoo commercial to feature some house music.

In any case, this is yet another example of dance music's growing mainstream popularity. We're sure many more commercials will feature dance music in the near future, but we don't know if they'll surprise us quite like this Pantene Pro-V advertisement did.

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