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Dillon Francis & Nero Blow Minds At HARD: Red Rocks

The HARD franchise has become a staple within the EDM community, providing many of the United States' most renowned festivals and concerts such as Holy Ship!HARD Day Of The Dead, and HARD Summer to name a few. HARD Red Rocks, one of the brands most recent developments, brought together some of the world's most talented acts on Thursday night for what irrefutably served as one of Colorado's most colossal events of the season. With an arsenal of top-notch acts including Samo Sound BoyJulio BashmoreDESTRUCTO, Rudimental (Live), Dillon Francis and Nero, every aspect of dance music today was heard within the beautiful landscape of Red Rocks Amphitheater. However, out of all of these artists, it was clear that Dillon Francis & Nero collectively made Red Rocks history with their mind-blowing live performances. If you happened to miss their monstrous sets, we'd like to highlight some of the show's most astounding moments, because, quite frankly, we just can't stop thinking about them.

After Rudimental finished their party-centric performance, the Red Rocks production team dismantled the main stage setup and prepared to bring in the looming dark structure that stood dormant in the background. Dedicated Dillon Francis fans already had an idea of the contraption that he planned to bring on stage, as he announced earlier this the week that his latest stage setup “The Gary” would be making an appearance at the event. For those previously unaware, the throne-esque contraption displays a vibrant and captivating collection of colors and patterns within its stained-glass-like appearance, accompanied by an extravagent LED display standing behind it.

Demonstrating profound finesse and an amusing approach to his mixing, the multi-genre’d virtuoso played hit tracks such as an ID remix of Calvin Harris’s “Summer,” Nightwatch’s remix of “Choosing For You,” and a throwback to his original classic “Bootleg Fireworks (Burning Up).” On top of his impeccable set list, the comical performer included a vast array of visuals including cats, lasers, eyeballs, faces of past president, and even a melting stick of butter. Needless to say, his set had us laughing and dancing at the same time, providing the perfect refreshment before Nero’s definitively epic set.

After Dillon finished and gave his farewell, the crowd was left in a state of astonishment and perplexity. How could anything possibly beat the immense euphoria that was delivered by Dillon’s performance? However, thanks to their Grammy-winning productions and cinematic approach to their live sets, there was very little doubt that the dynamic duo wouldn't pull through this time around. Beginning with an unidentified dubstep sub-wrecker that exhibited traits of an unreleased Nero track, the crowd immediately erupted with joy and and lost itself in the mammoth bass frequencies that resonated throughout the venue.

With such an epic start, it seemed that nothing could possibly enhance the quality of their performance, until Nero took things to a whole new level - the lights dimmed, the music stopped, and the one and only Alana Watson appeared from the darkness in an angelic white dress. Throughout the rest of the set, the talented singer sang to numerous quintessential tunes such as “Promises,” “Satisfy,” and “Guilt.” It’s safe to say that every person in the crowd experienced a chill in their spine each time she projected her voice over the crowd, and with such dynamic and flawless mixing provided by Nero underneath, the entire crowd was unanimously enlightened by the trio’s immaculate performance.

All in all, HARD Red Rocks served to be one of Red Rocks most successful and memorable performances of the summer season, and with the next installment of the nation-wide franchise HARD: Summer taking place in Los Angeles today, we can only expect phenomenal experiences for all who attend the franchise's epic gathering.

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