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EDM.com Spotlight

Bear Grillz Talks Music Video with Datsik and Upcoming Fall Tour!

Imagine being a producer who grew up in Yosemite, lost his parents, and was raised by a family of mice. There’s a catch though - you’re a bear too. Chances are, you wouldn’t be nearly as successful as Bear Grillz, who is now signed to Datsik’s illustrious Firepower Records.  Known for producing a unique blend of the dirtiest and grimiest dubstep such as his remix of The Chainsmoker’s hit “#SELFIE,” Bear Grillz is becoming a name to recognize in the EDM scene. Bear Grillz recently released his third EP Bear Grillz & Friends Vol. 1 featuring labelhead Datsik as well as Protohype and 12th Planet, this EP is loaded with filthy dubstep that is sure to make even the most casual dubstep listener a fan.

Since Bear Grillz’s emergence on the scene, rumors have been flying about his true identity. Some say the man behind the bear is Datsik because of the label association, while names like Skrillex and Zomboy have also been linked to Bear Grillz. Some people claim that it’s not a single person behind him, rather, it’s a collaboration between two or three people. All we know is that Bear Grillz knows how to make great music and knows how to have fun while doing it.

EDM.com was able to catch up with Bear Grillz about the release of the music video of his collaboration with Datsik “Drop That Low,” as well as his gigantic upcoming fall tour that is hitting over 15 cities in the United States. Tour dates and locations can be found here.

[EDM = EDM.com, BG = Bear Grillz]

EDM: What was it like growing up in Yosemite? How did you end up meeting your sidekick, Duck?

BG: Things have changed SO much. It used to be a bit of a dive to be honest, all the beavers were hustling and pimping out their offspring for drugs but now it's become a bit of a hipster hotspot. All the local geese have started wearing their pants around their knees and buying Ray Ban sunglasses. It's f*cking embarrassing. Get a life and go back to catching fish. Pricks.

EDM: When did you first hear EDM and what brought you into the production game?

BG: I first discovered EDM after murdering some college kids who were on spring break in the mountains and going through their things. They had a 'Macbook pro' which was full of all sorts of stuff (mostly porn and viruses) but also some old Datsik and Mt Eden tunes. That laptop took a lot of cleaning up, and it was absolutely covered in their intestines hahaha! Good times.

EDM: We know you make some of the grimiest dubstep out there, but is there any other kind of music you like to listen to or produce yourself?

BG: I mostly listen to tibetan relaxation music at the recommendation of my psychiatrist (I had a bad childhood), and DMX. That guy is so complex. I also like Kanye West but mainly for his spiritual teachings as opposed to his music.

EDM: You have a very outspoken love for women. Are you talking about women bears or human women…?

BG: I quite honestly could not give a f*ck. Line them up I'm not fussy.

EDM: You have a giant fall tour coming up. Should we expect to see Duck up there with you on stage?

BG: He's currently in a psych ward receiving treatment after I fed him a massive overdose of magic mushrooms. He kept trying to run into wooden doors claiming he could travel in time. He was pissing blood out of his beak from all the violent impacts, and after a few hours of it he ended up falling asleep and soiling himself. It was hilarious.

EDM: You just recently released a music video with Datsik for your collaboration “Drop It Low.”  What was it like working with Datsik?

BG: It was f*cking WEIRD. It was the first time we had met in person and he went very pale and kept staring at me the whole time as if he'd never seen a bear before. At one point I heard him whispering something about 'Bear Mace' on the phone in the bathroom. Lol what an idiot, my name's 'Bear Grillz'. That guy has a terrible memory if he can't even remember the names of the artists he's signed.

EDM: You’re also signed onto Datsik’s brainchild label “Firepower Records.”  Are there any Firepower artists that you like to collab with?

BG: So far my accountant says I have collaborated with most of the ones that will improve my 'market positioning', whatever that is. I would like to work with as many people as possible over the next few years, as I learn a lot from everyone I work with - mostly about 'that's what she said' jokes and something called Massive, but either way life it's been an eye opener.

EDM: Your third EP “Bear Grillz and Friends Vol. 1” just got released a few weeks ago.  Other than the producers on the EP, are there any other friends/animals that you’d like to work with in the future?

BG: I have emailed David Getter 3 times now on his Soundcloud asking him to collab and he hasn't responded. This is extremely insulting as I'm quite famous so I can only assume it is because he is a racist. One of the biggest difficulties I have encountered is people accepting me for who I am, but it's an injustice I am fighting everyday to overcome.

EDM: If the dream in your music video was focused on girls and honey, can you describe a regular day in the life of Bear Grillz?

BG: To be honest that's actually pretty accurate, you can check my Instagram for proof.

EDM: What can we expect to see from you during your huge fall tour?

BG: In terms of the live experience I have been talking to various porn stars about them becoming my live dancers. Most of them seem quite concerned and have stopped answering the phone, but some of the ones with poorer judgement are going to be joining me on tour soon to improve my "marketability." (I don't know what this word means but my accountant says I should make about 3 times as much money).

I am looking forward to becoming increasingly famous so that I can travel the world, throw cakes at people, and demand gigantic fees for dancing behind a laptop while drunk, which is now my favourite thing in the world.

Written by Tommy Tsao

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