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Imagine Music Festival Releases Schedule And Interview With Founder Glenn Goodhand [Interview]

Atlanta's most unique EDM gathering Imagine Music Festival is just a few days away, and it is becoming near impossible to ignore all of the hype that is building as the festival approaches. IMF has just released their official artist schedule and festival map, and it has provided us with a small glimpse into the magical world of music and dancing that is set to take place this Labor Day Weekend. Tickets are going quickly, so be sure to purchase your tickets here and check out the preview trailer!

The lineup and map can be found below, as well as an interview with Glenn Goodhand, the founder of IMF festival, who describes the history of Imagine Music Festival and what we can expect from the amazing two-day gathering!

(Interview originally conducted by Lucas Sachs of Your EDM)

To start with, what inspired you to found Imagine Music Festival? 

GG: We have been promoting EDM events since the late 90s and I have been enjoying EDM since the mid 80's.  I believe I was born to entertain, not as talent, but as an organizer.  I get great joy and personal fulfillment from helping provide people with fond memories, smiles, laughter, friendships, and love.  My wife, Madeleine, shared this feeling of robust fulfillment and it proved to be the impetus behind creating the Imagine Festival. The site of everyone having a great time at our events has brought many tears of joy to our eyes and lifted our hearts.  We take pride in our devotion to customer service and quality, making sure each individual has the very best time possible while they are with us.  Our goal is to provide a safe environment where everyone can escape their worries, even if only for a short while, and have the very best times of their lives.  Creating loving friendships and beautiful memories that will last a life time. Imagine will provide a 360 degree immersive magical experience with the highest quality talent, sound, lighting, art installations, cirque performers, and many special unique surprises.  We set the stage but rely on all of the kind souls of Imagine, aka #imaginers, to create a one of a kind, unforgettable, and undeniable energy that cannot be described in words but most certainly felt in a language of vibes echoing through the hearts and minds of the masses. 

The lineup is quite bass-heavy with Destroid and Adventure Club headlining; what brought about the creation of such a unique lineup? 

GG: The lineup was a culmination of many great minds putting in endless hours to try to create a lineup of some of the highest skilled performers in the world.  This was especially difficult with all of the other great festivals happening around the world and more especially around the Atlanta area.  Before we selected an artist, each was individually scrutinized, to determine if it was a good fit and would flow properly with the overall groove of the event.  We give much deserved credit to other promoters and clubs that have booked these artists in the past; opening our eyes and ears to such great musicians.  We are truly proud of the resulting lineup and we are already feeling the challenge of how we can possibly top it in years to follow. We are up to the challenge! 

What else separates Imagine Festival from the rest?

GG: There are so many festivals and large gatherings that are truly inspirational and so well done. I must first give endless thanks and much respect to all of those that have paved the way for this dream to come to fruition and all of those producers and promoters that have lead by great example.  So many people have and continue to inspire us and show us love and support, driving us to work tirelessly to create the very best experience possible for everyone to enjoy.  Some distinctions we would highlight are

Do you have a few acts you are particularly excited to see on a personal level? 

Our team has worked so hard and I could not be more proud of the lineup we have been able to create for Imagine. I have tried to think about a few that really stand out, but this lineup is such a dream come true, it would be impossible for me to only select a few. We highly encourage everyone to get to the festival grounds as early as possible each day because the talent from the very first bass drop all the way until they make us turn off the music will be absolutely phenomenal.   Luckily we have our official after parties, located within walking distance of the site, to continue on with the festivities. 

Provided Imagine is as successful as it’s shaping up to be what does the future of the festival look like? 

GG: Will this become a fixture in the South-East electronic music scene? We certainly hope and are confident people will really feel a difference at Imagine and share their experiences with others. We have been blessed with an opportunity to provide a wonderful experience to many, and we take this opportunity very seriously.  We will work tirelessly to provide the most pleasurable experience possible, for every person, from beginning to end. We look forward to bringing Imagine to other markets within the United States, and eventually, Global.  We have short, middle, and long term plans in place to grow the festival and the brand while maintaining the strictest quality control guidelines and maintaining complete creative control of the brand.   

We are certainly not the biggest festival in the world, but we will be providing the very highest quality production in the world, aligned with some of the very best talent in the world, to create an absolutely magical Labor Day Weekend for everyone to enjoy. We love you and it shows!

[H/T: Your EDM]

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