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EDM.com Spotlight

Why NERVO Might Be The Highest-Paid Female Act In EDM

In a male-dominated industry where a profitable fortune is possible by packing global dance floors, female artistry is increasingly becoming sought after and recognized. After performing 200 shows in the last year, Olivia and Miriam Nervo, known as NERVO, narrowly missed this year's Forbes Highest-Paid DJs List, which is known as the Electronic Cash Kings. According to Forbes, the Australian duo’s earnings over the past year are approximately $9 million, potentially ranking NERVO as the highest-paid female act in EDM.

Mixing their contagious pop-influenced electronic with an infectious energy on stage, NERVO's performance and success deserves a spotlight. Flawlessly managing their careers of working and partying, NERVO’s prosperity comes from collaborations with David Guetta (“When Love Takes Over”), residencies at Las Vegas’ Hakkassan and Spain’s Ushuaïa Ibiza, and a contract with CoverGirl.

Though Forbes measures the income of both male and female DJs, not a single female name has appeared on the highest-paid list. However, this year was a close call, and the value and virtuosity of female skill in electronic music should not be underestimated.  

According to New York City booking agent and coordinator of Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival Jen Lyon, “Booking talent is the same if they’re male or female – if they’re talented and making interesting music, we’ll book them.” 

Deferentially, NERVO does not let gender affect their success, unquestionably impacting music and fashion culture worldwide. In a recent interview with Forbes, the girls mentioned, “The only thing we’re a little wary of is we didn’t want to wear anything too skimpy. We always wanted the music to speak first.” Behind 4 CDJs and a mixer, NERVO impressively spins about 60% of their own tunes in their live sets.

The impressive duo demonstrates a powerful and leading example in the industry. We wouldn't be surprised to see NERVO on next year's highest-paid DJs list, and their widespread popularity could lead to an influx of talented female DJs and producers in the future.

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