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What 'Push The Button' Means to Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond’s “push the button” moment is unifying in its sense of empowerment to both the artists and the fans. The powerful euphony is a symbol of intimacy, togetherness, and the vitality of music, evoking passionate emotions from one experience to the next. In a crowd of thousands, optimistic A&B devotees wave handcrafted signs in hopes to be hand selected to come on stage and drop the beat.

In an interview with InsomniacTony McGuinness & Paavo Siljamäki of Above and Beyond reveal the story behind the push the button trend. Originally inventing itself almost by accident, A&B added a cue point to “Sun & Moon” resulting in a long reverb end, where one can push the button to release the drop. If you’ve experienced this live, there’s no question it's an intensifying and intimate moment, released by an illuminating effect.

McGuinness believes the experience is controlled by the fans: “We’re up there trying to capture the imagination of the people in the audience, and they – not us – decide whether that process happens or not.”

Push The Button

The decision by the two performers on who pushes the button is completely spontaneous. In fact, the artists enjoy seeing the shock of those who don’t know what it is, and amusingly think a big red button would be great. Although the selection is extemporaneous, the escapade is certainly a reflection raver ideology. 

21-year-old Jose Campos experienced the push the button phenomenon at EDC Las Vegas. Singing his heart out on stage, Campos filmed nine minutes alongside Tony and Paavo in front of thousands at the festival.

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