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An Op-Ed On Humanitarianism By David Guetta In Partnership With The United Nations [Exclusive]

By David Guetta in partnership with the United Nations

David Guetta says, "My career in music and the support of people all over the planet has given me the unique opportunity to travel and see places that I could only have dreamt about before. I see the love and the unity that coming together as one can bring. At the same time, through the media, the hardships so many suffer: Natural disasters, war, famine. As an individual, I felt a little lost about what I could do to help. When I was asked by the UN to help raise awareness and funds by sharing their message to the millions of people I reach, I was humbled I could play a tiny part. I trust their incredible Humanitarian workers. They have a deeper understanding of current global issues than I could ever have. But we can all help them help others. I saw them in action, providing aid to the Philippines and am a proud ambassador for the United Nations’ programs and initiatives. With One Voice, and another year, we together can do even more."

Millions of people around the globe are currently stuck in life-threatening crises, and without the powerful work of humanitarians who serve them, they would not survive. It is truly a matter of life and death circumstances for those hit hard by things they cannot control such as poverty, natural disasters and crimes of war. These tireless humanitarians work countless hours to help give a compelling voice to those who often cannot be heard. They carry a message for them and share it with the world in a way that is as powerful as music. The sacrifice for mankind is admirable and should be appreciated. For these great deeds, the United Nations General Assembly has designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day.

"It opens my heart that a day has been gifted to the men and women in the field who work hard throughout the year to make a difference to those in need. It is not an easy job, nor sadly, a safe one," Guetta adds.

They have great responsibilities that often put them in the face of danger and destruction. Currently, we have seen an alarming rise of attacks on those workers in regions such as West Africa, South Sudan, Central African Republic and in Gaza. A new record for violence against civilian aid operations hit the charts in 2013 with 251 separate attacks affecting over 450 aid workers. Of this group, 155 were killed, 170 were severely wounded, and 134 were kidnapped. This represents a 66% increase in number of victims from just the previous year. These are simply horrible facts and it has to be stopped. We have to truly hope that with worldwide recognition of the problem there will come better conditions.

"One of the greatest things I have been able to do in my life has been to work with the United Nations to share the importance of being an aid worker. I was surprised and highly impressed the first time the Security General made me aware of how much amazing humanitarian work the UN is doing across the globe. I wanted to find a way to show my appreciation, so I produced the video 'One Voice' as a small way to help. Music is an international language that transcends the barriers of race and religious issues as it has a way to magically connect people and make them unified. When a powerful song full of meaning is heard it can take you on a borderless journey that lifts the spirit and brings people together," ends Guetta.

World Humanitarian Day is an opportunity to celebrate those who change the world for the better and who inspire others to do the same. The selfless spirit of individuals making a difference should be applauded. The messengers of humanity are the true heroes of the world. The global community celebrated World Humanitarian Day on August 19. Please take the time to admire the workers of the world by using social media to campaign and show gratitude for them. Take the much needed time to say thanks with #TheWorldNeedsMore #HumanitarianHeroes #WHD2014. It is important to listen and share the music of their lives.

Cover photo credit: United Nations

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