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Ice Cube's New Single 'Drop Girl' Receives Massive Remix From UZ! [Interview]

Since the early 90s, Lenchmob & N.W.A. member Ice Cube has been revered for his thug mentality and gangster lyrical schemes. His classic single "Today Was A Good Day" has received critical acclaim for over 20 years, and his numerous album releases such as The Predator and Laugh Now, Cry Later have been heralded as some of the greatest hip-hop releases of our time. In the last few years, Ice Cube has taken a new approach to his sound, with the EDM movement being his most recent endeavor. His latest single, "Drop Girl," is one of the first tracks to be released off his upcoming album Everythang's Corrupt, and it truly displays Cube's versatility in rapping and working with the new-age of rappers and producers in today's scene. 

Featuring the club-certified lyrics of fellow rappers Redfoo of LMFAO! and 2 Chainz, "Drop Girl" has now received a powerful EDM fix by notable acts such as Quintino and UZ, the latter of which being provided exclusively through EDM.com. In true UZ fashion, his newest remix of "Drop Girl" injects the original with a hefty dose of trap-influenced kick patterns and bubbly synth melodies. As hip-hop continues to blend with EDM sounds, Ice Cube is going further than most to diversify his sound and become a leader of this new movement in club music. We had the opportunity to speak with Ice Cube about his new release and how the scene has changed since he first began his career. Take a listen to UZ's epic new remix of Ice Cube's "Drop Girl" featuring Red Roo & 2 Chainz, and take a read through our interview after the jump!

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EDM: Everythang's Corrupt marks the release of your tenth studio album, how did you approach this milestone release and what's the overall message you aim to deliver throughout the album?

IC: The overall message to my 10th album "EVERYTHANGS CORRUPT" is that money has basically corrupted everything around us. Money has become the blood of this world and in some cases it's becomes more precious then life itself. Oh yeah, I'm spittin' hardcore gangsta lyrics and having fun in between all that sh*t too.

EDM: "Drop Girl," the latest single off your new album, highlights a unique combination of EDM-influenced sounds and club-driven lyrics. What was your creative process in making this track alongside Red Foo & 2 Chainz?

IC: RedFoo blessed me with this track. The beat and hook was his idea. 2 Chainz laced me with a crazy verse. It's 3 different flavors but it works. Every few years I pull a club banger out the woodworks. Remember, "WE BE CLUBBIN'" and "YOU CAN DO IT"? Mixing my shit with the EDM flavor is a no-brainer to me.

EDM: Club music has increased at an alarming rate in recent years, how do you compare the club scene today to the scene of your earlier days in making music?

IC: When I first started doing hip-hop, DJs were bigger then rappers. And we rocked to songs like, "PLANET ROCK", "TOUR DE FRANCE", "NUMBERS", "LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT BEAT" & "SCORPIO" so I'm very happy to see that DJs are getting their props on the new club scene. The production is amazing and I believe it will make a lot of MCs step their production and light show game up.

EDM: Notable EDM acts such as Quintino, UZ, and Milo & Otis have received the chance to remix your single "Drop Girl" - what brought about this blending of hip-hop with EDM?

IC: Hip-Hop and EDM go together like chicken and waffles. You're not sure you're gonna like it until you taste it. Sonically, EDM is on a whole other planet, and Hip-Hop has to embrace the changes going on in the club. I'm lucky to have Quintino & UZ remix "DROP GIRL" they're at the top of their game. Hopefully the girls wanna drop it when they hear the remixes.

EDM: Do you see yourself working with any more EDM-based artists in the future?

IC: I think these remixes open up a new door for me to dive deeper into the EDM world. I don't want to force nothing or wear out my welcome but you will definitely get more remixes from me when the song is right.

EDM: Having already worked with countless producers and djs in your career thus far, both in the studio and on tour, what is your opinion on the recent growth in producer-centered acts on stage?

IC: I love big production. I've been studying all the different DJ rigs out there and I'm inspired to do bigger and better production on my tour. After my album drops you can see me on stage somewhere around the world. First stop Australia and then New Zealand.

EDM: Is there any chance that we'll see Ice Cube behind the decks one day?

IC: Will I ever get on the turntables? Naw, I'mma do what I do and leave that to the professionals.

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