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A Nightclub For Sober People Is Opening In Sweden

Most nightclubs depend on selling overpriced alcohol to turn a profit, but a Swedish comedian named Mårten Andersson has decided to go against the grain. He is opening a non-alcoholic club, and it's fittingly called Sober

Attendees won't even be allowed to have a buzz when they walk through the door. In an interview with VICE, Andersson said, "We will have a breathalyzer at the door. If you’re slightly drunk you will have to take a walk around the block. No one gets in if the machine reacts to their breath."

The concept is very interesting. We're curious to see what kind of crowd the club brings out. Andersson stated, "I think there will be a mix of the same old club rats, sober alcoholics, the curious crowd, club kids, and randoms. A weird but fantastic blend of different people."

The club hasn't opened yet, but Andersson has already had to expand. Just days after Sober's first event was announced, the club had already sold 300 tickets. Andersson was forced to move the club to a larger venue. The increase in space has allowed Andersson to include two dance floors. One will feature pop music, and the other will have tech house and deep house.

Andersson is six months sober, which has a lot to do with his new venture. He feels much better about himself, and he wants to pass on his enlightenment to others. He asserted, "I’m convinced that people will have fun, but I am also convinced that some people will feel shitty when they realize how alcohol runs their lives. They might just stand awkwardly on the side, without getting the courage to talk or dance with new people. But then, at least, I’ve planted a seed in their minds, and maybe they will evaluate their relationship with alcohol."

Ultimately, he wants people to enjoy their lives without a crutch. He exclaimed, "Swedes need to wake up and stop glorifying booze in the way we do. Life is too short for us to be wasted all the time. I want to inspire people and show them that you can have a bloody great time without alcohol. I want to offer an alternative to just getting hammered."

We're not sure if this will succeed or fail, but it's certainly an intriguing social experiment. We'll keep an eye on Sober and track its progress. The club's grand opening will take place on September 26th.


Cover photo credit: Luxe Lifestyles

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