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Diplo Discusses Major Lazer Cartoon, Collaborations With Madonna & Lack Of Creativity In EDM

Diplo has deservingly scored a massive cover story in Billboard, and the article is a compelling read. Jonathan Ringen, the author of the story, does a fantastic job of presenting Diplo to a more mainstream audience. The story reveals Diplo's thoughts on the current state of dance music, and the producer also discusses his current projects. One big surprise is that Diplo is working on a Major Lazer cartoon for Fox.

When discussing the dance music community, Diplo said, "They don’t even care about the music anymore. It’s about the experience and hearing things that are really familiar and comfortable over and over again." His statement matches up with his reasoning behind Mad Decent's recent kandi ban. It's true that many festival mainstages are full of partiers who love hearing music over and over again. That's why songs like "Animals" get completely played out. It's akin to how radio stations love playing the same song over and over because the listeners are comfortable hearing it.

He also presented a surprising event that took place at one of his shows: "All the DJs were at my Vegas night one night -- I’m not going to name names, but all the big EDM guys -- and I played a Juicy J record. They’re like, 'Where do you get these records?' I’m like, 'They’re on the radio! You can buy them off iTunes!' They really have no idea. They live in these bubbles. I’m like, 'Damn, dudes, use your imagination a little bit.'"

It's a bit shocking to realize that dance music producers are unfamiliar with Juicy J. Diplo is completely right when he says many producers live in bubbles and need to use their imagination. EDM producers need to think outside the box and expose themselves to more music. That's how the community will become more creative.

Although the dance music community might criticize Diplo's decision to collaborate with the legendary Madonna, it's certainly a creative move that will generate intriguing music. He's always willing to do things much different than a typical EDM producer, which is evident in his numerous hip-hop hits and his impressive work with M.I.A

Diplo and frequent collaborator Ariel Rechtshaid have been in the studio with Madonna on three occasions. They've been working on multiple songs for the singer's upcoming album. He says, "I think three are just like amazing, smashes. One is super weird. Late one night in the studio we got a little bit drunk and she improvised a little hook and we made a song out of it. I think it’s going to be a breakthrough if she can manage to get everything together and get it out properly." 

According to Ringen, the author of the story, "He’s [Diplo's] working on new music with everyone from Ty Dolla Sign to Lorde and has 30 tracks in progress for the third Major Lazer album, which will launch in 2015 with a Major Lazer cartoon on Fox about a Rasta superhero. Its soundtrack will include new collaborations with Cat Power and Riff Raff."

As we all know, Diplo is also working on his Jack U project with Skrillex, and Mad Decent Block Party is currently in full swing as well. We have no idea how he does it, but as his recent EP said, Random White Dude Be Everywhere.

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