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EDM Is Helping American War Veterans Heal

THUMP released a documentary on Electric Forces, and it is awe inspiring. Electric Forces is a program developed by two American veterans, Patrick Hawco and Timothy Jay Read, THUMP, and Lia Holland of Electric Forest. At this year's Electric Forest, veterans hosted a space where both vets and fans could share their inspiring stories and collective love of electronic music. The Electric Forces program was developed after THUMP writer David Garber met Hawco and Read at Electric Forest in 2013. Shortly after meeting them, Garber wrote a great article on how dance music has positively affected the two veterans.

Using music as a way to heal isn't a new concept. However, it might be surprising to the mainstream media that veterans are utilizing EDM as a healing agent. Due to the negative news stories about dance music, the community doesn't have a very positive reputation among the older generation. Hopefully, this documentary will serve as a catalyzing force in improving EDM's reputation. As members of the electronic music community, we're familiar with the healing power of the music, as well as the support community members can provide to one another.

In the documentary, American veteran Cory Benjamin says something that many EDM fans can relate to. He says, "My first experience with electronic music was when I got back from Iraq in 2010. It just happened to be a couple of buddies, and I decided to tag along with them to an event. Ever since then, it's just really changed my life. I had no liking for electronic music until I went to the event, and then it just started to grow on me. I started going to them every weekend. Really that just became a release for me to enjoy myself and find a way to find what it is I like to do in this life. At first, it was just the environment. The environment and the vibe from the culture is so amazing, so welcoming. Nobody even knew me. It was my first time, and already, they were treating me like family."

Watch the short documentary below.

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