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A List Of EDM Producers Who Have Taken The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

If you’ve been on social media at all in the last two weeks, you’ve surely seen the countless videos of your friends, and maybe even a few celebrities, dumping a bucket of ice water on their head.

Over the course of the summer, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has swept the nation and has raised not only awareness, but also significant funding for the disease ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.  ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, is a disease that slowly degenerates the neurological pathways between your brain and your spinal cord, ultimately rendering its victims paralyzed and unable to speak.  Inspired in large part by the story of Boston College baseball star Pete Frates, who suffers from ALS, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has grown to include sports stars, celebrities, tech gurus, and even political figures. Since the challenge’s inception, the ALS Association has raised over $50 million compared to $1.5 million in the same time period last year.

Please consider donating to fight ALS here.

Now, your favorite EDM stars are jumping in on the action, and nominating more and more fellow artists to join the battle against ALS.  Here is a list of EDM stars who have done the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.



Challenged by Brandon Prust and fellow producers The Chainsmokers, Tiesto completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in typical Tiesto fashion - surrounded by beautiful women while he was playing his set at Wet Republic in Las Vegas.  He passed the baton on to Martin Garrix, Calvin Harris, and Skrillex, two of which have already completed the challenge as of this article.

Martin Garrix


The producer behind Animals was challenged by Tiesto, Steve Aoki, and Nicky Romero, and kudos to Martin, as he brings a touch of creativity to his video.  Burying himself in the sand up to his head, Martin Garrix nominates Ed Sheeran, good friend Dillon Francis, and the king of the Netherlands! Along with completing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Martin Garrix pledged to donate to the ALS Association as well.

Nicky Romero


Nicky Romero, in good fashion, completed his ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in the midst of playing a set at the legendary Ushuaia, Ibiza in front of thousands of screaming fans with Hardwell’s hit “Countdown” blasting in the background.  Nominating Martin Garrix, Jorge Lorenzo, and Afrojack, this one is definitely going to be hard to beat.

Calvin Harris

Accepting Tiesto and Tinashe’s challenge, Calvin Harris completes the challenge and throws down the gauntlet to Emil Nava, Eva Shaw, and John Newman.

Pierce Fulton


One of the first DJs to actually take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, Pierce Fulton dumped three full bags of ice on his head as he passes on the challenge to Botnek, Ansolo, and Henry Fong. We’re still shivering from watching that!

The Chainsmokers


Along with Pierce Fulton, The Chainsmokers may also have been one of the first DJs to actually take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Pledging to donate as well as completing the challenge, the Chainsmokers challenged Tiesto, Adventure Club, and 3LAU.

Steve Aoki

The king of throwing cake and crowd-surfing is back to please his fans with his own ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. With his own rendition of “Ice, Ice, Baby” in the background, this was Aoki’s turn to get caked (or iced?) in the face. While he did break the rules by nominating more than three people, we’ll give him a pass for finishing the challenge.



Accepting Geronimo from SiriusXM’s challenge, Chad from Tritonal took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while on tour in Sydney, Australia.  Along with a donation, Chad passed the challenge along to Pasquale Rotella of Insomniac, Stefan of Dada Life, and Michael Cohen.

Dada Life


One of the kings of big-room, electro house, Stefan of Dada Life took on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge while passing along the baton to Zedd, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Per Sundin from Universal.  We can’t wait to see what Zedd and Ingrosso come up with!



The most creative ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in our opinion was done by Blasterjaxx. Pairing great background music, with some great nominations, and a creative spin on completing the challenge, Blasterjaxx takes the cake for now. Great job guys!


While deadmau5 himself did not actually take on the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, he pledged to donate $10,000 to the ALS Association while challenging everyone else to do as he does, and donate money to fund research opposed to dumping ice on their head.  While we think that the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a great and fun way to raise awareness, deadmau5 isn’t wrong, and donations are sure to help!


Afrojack jumped into a pool and donated $10,000 to ALS research.


Zedd nominated Ariana Grande, Jared Leto, and Ken Floyd, and he made sure to talk about the important of ALS awareness.

Armin van Buuren

Armin took the challenge at a show and pledged to donate €5000 towards ALS awareness.

Skrillex, Richie Hawtin & Dubfire

Skrillex, Richie Hawtin, and Dubfire did the challenge together, and Paris Hilton made a guest appearance.

BONUS: The EDM Network


Some of The EDM Network/EDM.com took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Check out our video and let us know what you think!

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