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The Newest Solution To Showering At Festivals: SpaTap

A festival camping experience can be one of the most incredible weekends you will ever participate in. You're entering a whole new world where you can meet tons of other festival goers and indulge in fantastic music for a few days. However, it can also become an extremely frustrating experience due to things like the unsavory showering situation.

Typically, one has to make the decision to either pay to shower or just decide not to shower altogether because you don’t want to spend any money. But now, there’s a makeshift shower that is perfect for camping and festivals thanks to SpaTap.

The SpaTap is a portable and reusable pocket that easily attaches to any water bottle and acts as a controllable showerhead. For only $25, you can shower anywhere and at anytime. Check out the video below for the full explanation.

The SpaTap can be ordered here.

 [H/T: FAF Magazine]

Cover photo credit: Tomorrowland



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