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25 EDM Songs That Will Remind You Of Your 1st Music Festival

Festival season is nothing without the classics.

Your first festival experience is like no other moment in a lifetime. There's always that one record that, no matter where you are or who you’re with, flashes that exact memory of your first festival experience.

For those who recently started going to EDM festivals, here are 25 records that are sure to bring back some glorious memories. Some may come off as overplayed, but we all know a festival classic when we hear one, so look out for your favorites below. If you don't spot your track in the list provided, leave a comment with the title below. 

25. Million Voices - Otto Knows 

Otto Knows is known for this massive festival tune. Try to think back to that very moment when the chorus was turned up high and dancing all afternoon long was the only thing on your agenda.

24. Dear New York - Firebeatz & Schella 

This song was played at many festivals, but nothing beats the time it was played at the main stage of Electric Zoo New York with the NYC  skyline in the background. 

23. One Click Headshot - Feed Me 

This Feed Me track is known for consistently causing even your most timid friend to become a headbanger. If you have yet to look up where the original vocal comes from, click here. 


22.  Crave You - Flight Facilities (Adventure Club Remix) 

The combination of beautiful vocals and grimy dubstep drops made this remix a festival favorite. Adventure Club is able to expertly weave deep emotion into dubstep songs.

21. Eyes On Fire - Blue Foundation (Zeds Dead Remix) 

This remix is something every EDM fan must experience live. There’s nothing more freeing than ending a full-throttle bass set with your arms in the air, swinging side to side, as the chilling vocals fill your ears. Fast forward to 3:18 in the video below and you'll see what I mean. 

20. Feeling Good – Nina Simone (Bassnectar Remix)

Some of bass music's most talented producers, such as Zeds Dead and Pretty Lights, have remixed tracks by Nina Simone. However, Bassnectar takes the cake with this festival classic.

19. Teenage Crime - Adrian Lux

This record has been a festival anthem since its release date in 2010. It's easily Adrian Lux's most well-known song.


18. Maximal Crazy - Tiesto 

Whether this track was being remixed by various producers at the main stage or being played by the legendary Tiesto himself, "Maximal Crazy" made its mark on festivals.

17. Internet Friends – Knife Party

In 2011, Knife Party released "Internet Friends," and it made crowds go wild. No one could resist yelling "You blocked me on Facebook, and now you're going to die!"

16. City Of Dreams – Alesso & Dirty South

There’s no hiding the success of this hit single done by both Alesso and Dirty South. This record sets off any party and may even cause the manliest of men to shed a tear. 

15. Finally Moving - Pretty Lights 

At a time where every genre was beginning to sound similar, Derek Vincent Smith, AKA Pretty Lights, swooped into the festival scene and brought on a whole new meaning of electronica. For this track, he sampled an Etta James song, which was later sampled again by Avicii for "Levels."

14. No Beef - Steve Aoki & Afrojack 

This AFROKI collaboration is a big-room slap of house to the face. The amount of chaos and rambunctious behavior caused by this song is suitable for any festival memory. Enjoy the two producers' adventures in Las Vegas in the video below.

13. Epic - Sandro Silva & Quintino 

This song was released in 2011, and it is still being dropped in festival sets. This massive song helped inspire a string of copycat tracks. 

12. Rattle - Bingo Players

This song turned into an anthem, and Far East Movement even collaborated with Bingo Players on a rework of the track. The original video goes hand-in-hand with that feeling of freedom you receive only at music festivals.

11. Space Junk - Wolfgang Gartner

One of the brightest gems that you can hear in a festival atmosphere would be this Wolfgang Gartner classic. Hit play and think of the raw energy that this track evokes at shows.

10. Happy Violence - Dada Life

We’re all guilty of singing along to these catchy vocals. Think back to that first time you saw the duo spew champagne and throw bananas into the crowd. It was nothing but happy violence.

9. Express Yourself - Diplo Feat. Nicky Da B 

What goes down at the main stage when Diplo attends your festival? Yes, you guessed it, some freedom of expression on the DJ booth. Whether it’s the original or the Gent & Jawns remix, everyone associates this record with twerking.

8. I.D.G.A.F.O.S.- Dillon Francis

The man known for making all EDM lovers laugh will forever be known as the creator of the catchy "I.D.G.A.F.O.S." song. Whether you imagine yourself smiling from ear to ear in the middle of a festival, or recall that moment when you realized you actually enjoyed moombahton, this record will surely put you in a happy place.

7. Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5

This song always manages to pull the strings on any listener’s heart every time it's heard. Raising your arms in the air as the chorus drops is probably one of the most blissful memories any festival attendee could explain. 

6. Years - Alesso

Just revisiting this song every now and then still manages to bring us chills. Hearing this under the sun at a music festival is absolutely amazing.

5. No One Knows Who We Are – Kaskade & Swanky Tunes Feat. Lights 

This hit single has been a festival favorite ever since its release in 2012. Scenes from the video seen below are known for appearing on the big screen behind Kaskade as he illuminates a festival stage.

4. Language – Porter Robinson

This beautiful song is one of our favorites to sing along to at a festival. It features so much emotion and can truly bring an entire crowd together.

3. Ghosts & Stuff- Deadmau5

There is not much better than a full crowd, some LED mau5 ears and “Ghosts and Stuff” blaring through the speakers to top off any festival.

2. Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites - Skrillex

This song helped get so many people into electronic music, which has made it one of the more memorable festival songs in recent memory.

1. Sun & Moon - Above & Beyond 

What’s a festival without a little Group Therapy? Think back to the very first time you heard this gem in the midst of thousands of fans. We love hearing an entire crowd yelling out "I'm sorry baby. You were the Sun & Moon to me!" Hearing this under the fireworks at EDC Las Vegas was an unparalleled moment.

Cover photo credit: Jeff Kravitz (Electric Forest) 

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