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EDM.com Spotlight

Electric Zoo Artist Spotlight: Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike [Exclusive Interview & Mix]

These two are a must-see during E-Zoo!

Electric Zoo will kick off this weekend at New York City’s Randall’s Island. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, one of dance music's biggest duos, are set to perform on the Main Stage East.

EDM.com had the pleasure of sending some of our burning questions over to the duo. Read our interview, and be sure to get pumped for Friday with their exclusive mix below the interview.

(EDM=EDM.com; D&L=Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike)

EDM: Can we anticipate any surprises or special guests to join you on the stage at E-Zoo?

D&L: We can’t give away to much, but we always try and have a surprise or two in store for the fans!

EDM: What can we expect from your set at E-Zoo? Any new songs, collaborations, etc?

D&L: We always try to prepare special edits and remixes for every show we do- and for a show as special as E-Zoo we will make no exception. Of course we will drop our latest release, "Body Talk (Mammoth)" that we made alongside Moguai.

EDM: Excluding the artists you've already worked with, who are some DJ/Producers you would like to work with in the future? Any collaboration currently in the works we should look out for?

D&L: There's a range of artists we would love to collar with. Some of these are works in process so we can’t give too much away and we really enjoy premiering these tracks during our shows to surprise our fans! You will have to come and check out our set at E-zoo!

EDM: We understand that Like Mike started DJing with more of a Hip-Hop focus. Mike, do you still listen to hip-hop regularly? Who are some of your favorite rappers right now and who would you want to collaborate with?

D&L: Yeah that’s right, many years ago, its what I first started spinning. I still check it out and keep up to date as much as possible. There are several rappers we would love to work with, the legends like Snoop, Dre and Kanye of course. But also, some of the younger generation like ASAP Rocky would be incredible.

EDM: Final Words?

D&L: Thanks for your time and thanks to the fans for the constant support. See you all at E-Zoo.

Electric Zoo Countdown Mix - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike by Electric Zoo Festival on Mixcloud

Look out for both Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike on day one of E-Zoo over on the Main Stage East at 9:25PM. To view the full line up and set times list click here. Tickets are also still available here. Act fast, you don’t want to miss out on the sixth Electric Zoo!

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