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EDM.com Spotlight

A Fort On The River Thames Might Be Turned Into An EDM Club

River raves might be a part of UK's future dance scene.

Ever wondered what it would be like to party in a fort…on the shore of a river? Well, a business in England is attempting to bring this idea to fruition. Minival, described as an “Electronic Carnival for Freaks,” is currently pursuing a fort on the River Thames that is up for sale. “This is basically a Berghain or a trouw in the middle of the Sea,” Minival states on their gofundme page. “[It’s] Raw. What we want to do is buy this property, invest in it, and create a safe haven, where the party will never stop.”

The group plans to allocate £500,000 to purchase the fort, while the other £250,000 will go toward restoring the place into a safe and functional venue. Minival’s endeavor is an all or nothing campaign, which means all donations will be refunded if the fiscal goal is not met.

Donation incentives are outlined below:

Package 1:
£5.00 = discounted entry (10-20%)

Package 2:
£20.00 = one free entry (+1 free entry for every 10GBP increment)

Package 3:
>£100.00 = Please contact minival@live.com. Shareholder options available for superior amounts.

Considering “every single donator would be a fort member for life,” we wouldn’t be surprised if this campaign finds a great deal of success in a short amount of time. Since the campaign was launched on August 15th, Minival has been able to raise £56,064 of its £750,000 goal. We will follow the progress of this campaign and keep you updated on the results.

Donate to Everyone’s Party Fort here.

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