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Betatraxx Premieres 'Here We Go' As Free Download [Interview]

Betatraxx's new single, "Here We Go," was released to the public as a free download today. The track is tagged as "sexy murder music" on SoundCloud, which we believe to be a very accurate description. "Here We Go" has a dark vibe to it, but the vocals help add a sexy and almost funky element to the track.

EDM.com sat down with Betatraxx to discuss his new single and find out more about his career. Hit play on "Here We Go" below and read on to learn more about Betatraxx. 

(EDM.com = Mike Walkusky of EDM.com; B = Betatraxx)

EDM.com: For our readers who are unfamiliar with Betatraxx, how did you get into music?

B: Well, I studied classical piano and jazz trumpet in college, so I’ve always been a music nerd. But Sophomore year of college, I started getting into heavy electro and was pissed that I never heard any of it out at night. So I saved up for a Torq Xponent and a cheep PA system and started DJing in the basement of my dorm. Couple years later, I was DJing in NYC and a few other places and releasing bootlegs and heavily sampled originals, just getting my feet wet. It was a very steady progress, as I’ve never had a mentor or paid someone to mix down my music. I like seeing the progress.

EDM.com: What was the production process like for "Here We Go”?

B: I start every song differently. I hate when people sit down, set the BPM to 128, open up their favorite synth, pull in their favorite drum samples. Most the time, I start a song on the piano writing a melody removed from the boundaries of tempo or genre. Clearly this song has a pretty simple melody though. The whole song actually revolved around the keys sample in the very intro. I got that sound and started tinkering with it, then I build the bass synth below it and then the bright staticy synth on top. I actually made this song pretty fast. It felt really organic, and I only added what I felt it needed. I was never striving for more energy or adding cheep fills or anything to compensate for empty sounding production

EDM.com: How did you come up with the concept for the music video?

B: “Here We Go”, along with most of my productions, tells a story through a dark and clear build. I wanted something that showed intensity but had more than just blood and violence (although it clearly has both of those). I wanted something more relatable to me and the song. When said out loud, this sounds cliche, but the video it about the lifelong lesson of try your hardest, and when you inevitably hit a wall and fail, get back up and try again (cue Aaliyah vocals). Sounds really cheesy, but everyone can relate to that, especially me, and also every other DJ you’ve ever heard of.

EDM.com: What made you decide to release the track for free?

B: Sure it’s cool to release on Big Beat or Ultra, but ultimately, I’ve been very unhappy with my label releases. No one cares about the actual music and they are all looking for quick money. You have no idea how many times I hear “I LOVE THIS SONG! But I don’t think it’s a ‘hit’ ." Thats crazy to me. Ultimately, labels most think their power is in their contacts, which in some ways is valid, but those people aren’t your fans. They are a compilation of random people on a list who don’t know you. Of course labels have their place and time, but right now, for me, I want only people who into my music to be reading this and downloading my music. I think targeting and connecting with your fans is much more beneficial than spamming the internet.

EDM.com: What are you currently working on?

B: I’m really only working on production right now. I have probably 20 unreleased songs, and another 60 ideas floating around, and am trying to be patient in releasing them. But I’m starting a bigger project collaborating with some amazing artist to develop a much bigger concept for an album. I’m really excited about it, but just trying to be consistent and patient now. No more long lulls in releasing music

EDM.com: What's been the biggest moment of your career thus far?

B: Performing at Made in America in front of however many tens of thousands of people chanting my name was as a pretty amazing experience. But really, last week when I split from my management and Dirty Dutch was a pretty exciting moment for me. I want to be me, and do things how and when I want. I’ve been talking with major labels for two years for no reason at all, and I’m just excited to have the ball back in my court.

EDM.com: Who would you like to collaborate with?

B: Wow there are so many people I want to collaborate with… To list a few Deadmau5, Foreign Beggars, A-Trak, Feed Me, Chromeo, Noisia, Moby. I don’t know. I just want to work with creative people who are music nerds and want to sit in their cave and twist nobs until something strange happens.

Download "Here We Go" for free: https://soundcloud.com/betatraxx/here-we-go-original-mix

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