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Skrillex & Diplo Rumored To Be Playing As Jack U At Burning Man

It's currently being rumored that Skrillex and Diplo will perform at Burning Man this year. We can't find any concrete verification, but there are many signs that point to the rumor being true. Minnesota tweeted that he would be opening for Jack U at Burning Man.

Minnesota's tweet isn't enough proof to confirm the appearance of Jack U, but the Camp Questionmark schedule clearly shows that a special guest is going to play after Minnesota's set.

Also, a recent photo from Diplo shows that he'll be on the Playa. His caption for the following Instagram photo is "bout to be doing this all week."

So we have confirmation that Diplo will be on the Playa, but we're not sure about Skrillex just yet. We've also come across a few other things that make it seem like Diplo and Skrillex will be playing. A redditor named vlad_0 posted the following photo yesterday.

We weren't sure if the photo was legitimate, so we found Mega Spectacle's Thursday lineup on burners.me. We discovered that the time slots Diplo and Skrillex are scheduled for in the photo above were originally listed as "Special Guest" slots, which lends credence to the legitimacy of the photo. Additionally, the special guest slots at the Mega Spectacle camp are right before the special guest slot at Camp Questionmark. This isn't confirmation of Diplo and Skrillex playing at Burning Man, but it's just about as close as we can get without an official announcement. If this is all turns out to be true, it looks like Burning Man will get a double dose of Skrillex and Diplo.

If Diplo and Skrillex play on the Playa, they won't be the only big names performing. Carl Cox, Above & Beyond, Paul Oakenfold, Markus Schulz, Seven Lions, Seth Troxler, Datsik, Tycho, and many more talented acts will be providing Burners with amazing music.

UPDATE (12pm Pacific Time): Skrillex is currently on his way to Burning Man with Diplo.


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