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EDM.com Spotlight

TomorrowWorld Reveals 2014 Introduction Video

We're exactly one month away from TomorrowWorld, and the festival has released an introduction video chronicling the backstory behind this year’s theme. Molded from the same production featured at TomorrowLand 2013, TomorrowWorld will feature a gargantuan volcano equipped with a bevy of pyrotechnics and lasers.

According to the introduction video, a scientist began a quest to witness an “eruption of life”, aka the main stage volcano of Tomorrowland 2013. A mountain spirit’s forces and “a thousand united souls” (aka attendees of TomorrowLand) came together to create an amulet bearing the strength of the universe, which is ready to be unveiled yet again. Yes, the concept may seem a little out there, but it oozes the TomorrowLand brand’s signature creativity.

Check out the introduction video below.

TomorrowWorld will take place September 26-28 at Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, with a pre-party being held on September 25. Tickets can still be purchased on the TomorrowWorld website. Keep your eyes peeled for a special EDM.com editorial on the festival tomorrow.

Cover photo credit: Electronic Midwest

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