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5 Dirtiest Dubstep Drops Of The Week: Vol. 22

Welcome to our warehouse of wobbles, how may we help you?

We're finally making up some serious ground here at your home for the most disgusting dubstep drops on planet earth. This weekly segment has been a bit helter-skelter as of late, but have no fear, because when these bulky bass patterns come marching through your speakers, all of your concerns are sure to evaporate. With both dirty drop veterans and rookies on the agenda for Volume 22, there's no lack of rough-and-tumble beats to go around. Lets get started, shall we?

5. Dr. Ozi & Twofold - Synergy

With the release date of their Correlations EP creeping ever closer, my excitement level for these Dr. Ozi & Twofold collaborations has ventured into uncharted territory. “Synergy” first made its presence felt when it strapped on its combat boots and stomped all over my eardrums more fiercely than a child experiencing an uncontrollably caffeine high. Whoa soldier, take it easy. How do you honestly expect me to continue to do my job if this barbaric dubstep tune squishes my aural receptors like they’re grapes in a wine barrel? We’ve all heard of dirty drops, but deafly drops, now that’s an entirely different story. Grab yourself a hearing aid, because if you don’t need it yet, you’re going to require one very soon.

4. Moth - Nilbog

Moth majors in the kind of dubstep that spreads mass destruction wherever it surfaces. In fact, I’ve been downright afraid to share some of his previous productions because of their notoriously nasty nature. However, we’re 22 volumes deep into our dirty drop conquest and if you can’t handle these bass music monsters by now, I’m not quite sure what keeps you coming back for more. To create “Nilbog,” Moth combines the irresistibly heavy sub-bass of a Genetix with the Gatling gun synth work of a Sadhu. It might not be a bad idea to keep some loaded firearms close by - just for self-defense. Trust me, when this musician’s fearless sound kicks down the front door of your domicile, you’ll be glad you took my advice.

3. NumberNin6 & Zardonic - The Final Five (NumberNin6 VIP)

Filthy drops are what we’ve grown accustom to around these parts, but supremely shady drops are a little bit harder to come by. That being said, when I stumble upon the perfect tune, it makes the wait all worth the while. NumberNin6 teamed up ages ago with Zardonic on the original version of “The Final Five,” and his nefarious VIP demands that we descend to some of the lowest depths ever recorded in human history. Deep, dark, and haunted, these are just a handful of the terms that I’ve already heard associated with these underhanded drops. To maximize this ominous song’s potential, you should try dancing to it in a trash-filled alley, pitch-black dungeon, or just any dimly lit environment that provides you with ample space for lurking around in the shadows. That should definitely do the trick.

2. Dubloadz - Wonk Steady

It wasn’t all that long ago that the Chief of Chaos, the Ruler of Rowdy, & the Sultan of Swamp, aka Dubloadz, left his mark on Volume 20 of our weekly countdown. His Jugular EP has quickly become the epitome of everything that is right with dubstep nowadays. Some people are still eager to insist that this genre of dance music is dying (or is already dead), but Dubloadz has never made savage wonks feel more alive. In his latest attempt to eviscerate innocent pairs of ears throughout the galaxy, this producer unsheathes the razor-sharp “Wonk Steady.” This ferocious freebie’s drops are more stubborn than an impossible-to-remove smudge on your glasses, greasier than a 100-mile long oil slick from a capsized barge, & more unpredictable than the scariest thrill ride of all-time. Hide your kids, hide your wife (or husband), because Dubloadz is back on the loose.

1. Getter - Bust Em (JPhelpz Remix)

When JPhelpz dished out a care package of free tracks a couple weeks ago, naturally, this bundle of bass-thrashing beatdowns instantly intrigued me. While there were four dubstep bangers to choose from in total, it was his remix of Getter’s “Bust Em” that literally kicked in the teeth of the other three candidates. Once you take the frightening plunge into this merciless face-melter, even the best orthodontist in the world couldn’t reset that crooked excuse for a thing you call a smile. This professor of pure grime is more than well-versed in the art of composing dirty drops, heck, he’s a slime-slinging sensei in the flesh. So when that first drop rips off all of your appendages, don’t act surprised when the predatory second drop returns for more carnage. Are you ready for a bass music bloodbath? Because here it comes.

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