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EDM.com Spotlight

Ferarri Forced Deadmau5 To Kill The Purrari

The luxury sportscar manufacturer Ferrari is notorious for their esteemed reputation, as they take the design of their cars and identity very seriously. With such a glorified mentality, it comes as no surprise that the Italian distributor wasn’t too happy to hear about deadmau5’s customization of his 458 Italia Ferrari, or “Purrari.” Many fans recognize the car’s “Nyan Cat” vinyl wrapping from his popular YouTube series “Coffee Run,” which films deadmau5 grabbing coffee with numerous celebrities such as Eric Prydz, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, Skrillex and Dillon Francis. The “Purrari” also had massive exposure when deadmau5 took Tory Bellecci from Mythbusters across the world in his Purarri for the infamous Gumball 3000 Race.

Amidst all of the discussion of the Purrari's modifications and popularity within the Gumball race, the dj has also caught the attention of Ferrari's legal team. Deadmau5 informed his fans via Twitter that a lawyer had contacted him with a cease and desist letter from Ferrari, as seen below.

The cars design has since been reverted to its original vanilla color, and the Ferrari tags were even put back into position.

Written By Harvitt Gill 

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