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EDM.com Spotlight

Defqon.1 Is Coming To America

Hardstyle fans, rejoice!

Defqon.1 is one of the most praised hardstyle festivals in the world. As the harder styles of dance music become more popular amongst the electronic scene, ID&T has been actively seeking new homes for their beloved Defqon.1 event.

According to a recent reddit AMA with MC Villain, one of Q-dance’s most well-known MCs, Defqon.1 is coming to the United States. Below are his responses to some questions fans asked in his official Reddit AMA.

Question: Where do you think the harder styles will end up in the USA? Can I expect in the foreseeable future Defqon.1 America?
MC Villain: Defqon will come!!!

Question: I saw you in orlando and was one of the few hardstyle shows ever in Florida. Do you think Defqon one will ever come to the US?
MC Villain: No doubt That day will come soon.:)

In addition, just last year, Shelly Finkel of SFX stated in an interview that America will host a dozen Q-dance cities in America, which should lead up to a Defqon.1 festival.

Defqon.1 has taken place in countries such as Australia and the Netherlands. Popular hardstyle DJs and producers like Wildstylez, Zatox, Brennan Heart, Coone and many more have all participated in these events. It’s truly amazing to see just how accepted the style of Q-dance has become, and how American festivals such as TomorrowWorld and Mysteryland have all integrated hardstyle.. Watch the Defqon.1 official after movie to get a taste of just how crazy these events are.

EDM.com will be sure to keep hardstyle fans posted on more news regarding the festival's presence in America. For now, be sure to get your tickets for the remaining hardstyle events located in America by following QSA.

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