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EDM.com Spotlight

‘Sync’ Shirt Lights Up To The Beat of Your Dance Music

Sync is an audio responsive shirt with an LED plus sign that responds to the tempo of music.

Inspired by an emerging dominance of visual interaction and luminous effects during shows, electronic music partygoers can become a part of light shows with the new wearable glow attire called Sync. Created by Crated, a New York City-based design consultancy and R&D lab, Sync is an audio-responsive VJ shirt that features an LED patch which pulses with various intensities of music. 

The abstract, interactive design creates a visual connection between the wearer and music playing at a club. Sync is on the cutting edge of visual and audio responsive technology with its thin and dynamic motif. Styled unlike any other light-up apparel, Sync’s most functional feature is its elimination of wires. The plus sign-shaped LED was prototyped in only 24 hours thanks to an electronic circuit factory called Squink.

BotFactory, a startup that is currently kick starting Squink, allows Created to print flexible and thin circuit boards directly onto the shirt’s LED patch, allowing user-friendly elements. Sync’s shirt patch is easily transferable between clothing with no wires.

Maddy Maxey, CTO of CRATED, says, “Wearable technology is all about thin, flexible electronics. Botfactory’s Squink means that wearable companies can make their electronics near invisible when it comes to making our clothing smarter.”

Sync’s goal is simple: create interactive and advanced electronic fabrication. The concept is expected to be on the market in the next six months.

[H/T: Fast Colabs]

Cover Photo Credit: Shiny Shiny