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TomorrowWorld Decides To Allow CamelBaks After Fans Protest Festival's CamelBak Ban

TomorrowWorld was the subject of EDM fans' ire earlier today due to the festival's decision to ban CamelBaks. The popular hydration packs are a favorite of festival attendees, as they are easy to carry around and provide fans with a long-lasting water supply. Twitter and Facebook was full of TomorrowWorld attendees who were distraught and angered by the festival's decision. Fans were so upset about the ban that they created a petition on Change.org, and it received 1,089 signatures in just hours.

Luckily, TomorrowWorld listens to its fans, and the festival decided to lift its ban on CamelBaks. They recently sent out the following email to their fans:


This move by TomorrowWorld is a win for both the festival and its fans. The festival has earned respect, and they showed they genuinely care about the people who attend their events. On the flip side, fans will now have the ability to carry around one of the most efficient and effective hydration devices available. The importance of staying hydrated at a music festival cannot be understated. This move is a no-brainer for the safety of everyone at TomorrowWorld. Great job by the fans for making their collective voice heard, and kudos to TomorrowWorld for making the right decision.

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