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EDM.com Spotlight

Get A First Listen Of Zeros' 'Red Panda (2am Minimal Mix)'

After three strong releases since its inception, Feed Me’s new label Sotto Voce is showing no signs of slowing down with the highly anticipated, upcoming release of Zeros album Space Noir.  An up-and-coming producer straight from South Chicago, Zeros is the protégé of electro and progressive house master Feed Me, and his new album does not disappoint.  A high-energy, cinematic album with masterful production to match, look for Space Noir to boost Zeros into stardom.

The lead single off of Space Noir is an energetic electro house tune that is reminiscent of something that would come out of his mentor, Feed Me.  Bringing together twisting and turning synth patterns with a beautiful, melodic piano riff before breaking the song down into a filthy electro tune, Zeros puts on display his masterful production and sound synthesis skills that are hard to match.

EDM.com was lucky enough to receive the premiere of the Zeros’ “2am minimal mix” version of “Red Panda,” which turns his heavy-hitting, high-energy electro tune into something more fitting for an underground warehouse in Chicago.  Utilizing smooth jazz undertones with gliding, beautiful synths that take the listener on an audial journey, Zeros’ “2am minimal mix” showcases his ability to jump from genre to genre, and truly create an album that gives its listeners a true auditory experience.

Space Noir goes on presale on iTunes starting today and the album drops September 22, and if you preorder the album, you get “Red Panda” and “Red Panda (2am Minimal Mix)” for free, so grab your copy off iTunes today! 

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