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Autoerotique Premieres 'Juice' In Celebration Of 50K SoundCloud Followers [Free Download + Interview]

Autoerotique recently surpassed 50,000 followers on SoundCloud, and they decided the best way to give back to his fans would be to unveil a free download.

They premiered "Juice" today, and with a three-day weekend on the horizon, the track has been released at the perfect time. The awesome drum roll at the start of "Juice" sets the tone for the high-energy track, and it only gets better from there.

Listen to "Juice" below, hit the download button, then continue to scroll down to read our interview with Autoerotique!

( = Mike Walkusky of ; A = Autoerotique) How did it feel to hit 50,000 followers on SoundCloud?

A: I've felt worse. What was the creative process like for "Juice"?

A: It was less juicy than you might think. What made you decide to specifically give "Juice" away as a free track?

A: We get off on giving the people free stuff. It makes me randy. What else are you working on at the moment?

A: We just put out a banger with Mercer called "Murda Dem", we have a loaded cannon with 4B called "Bukem" and the last single we wrapped up is with my latest signee named Max Styler - let's just say I could have saved the best for last, but honestly all 3 tracks are on point. What's been your favorite moment of 2014 thus far?

A: I ate pizza that was really really good. In Ibiza. You recently posted a pizza burger on your Facebook. Who makes your favorite pizza & who makes your favorite burgers? Also, would you ever mash them up into a pizza burger?

A:  I would mash that pizza into a burger, so fast - field of dreams though, if you build it.... With ALS personally hitting home for you, what are your thoughts on the Ice Bucket Challenge?

A: I think anything they brings awareness and funding advance research is a positive - no matter how 'flooded' your newsfeed is. See what I did there? Flooded? Ice bucket? Water? Yeh boi. I do dat. We know you're releasing this song for free in celebration of your fans, but what else would you like to say to them?

A: I'd like them to know that no matter how shitty dance music is right now - we will always try to be weird and give them what they want. ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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