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EDM.com Spotlight

Deadmau5 Performs Techno Set In Ibiza & Pledges To Release It To Fans

Deadmau5 played a techno set at the internationally acclaimed Amnesia in Ibiza last night, and it was the day after Paris Hilton's "Foam & Diamond" residency ended at the venue. Deadmau5 unsurprisingly took note of this in a tweet to Hilton last week. 

He followed up on the tweet to Hilton by saying he "cleaned the foam up" last night. In more positive news, he also tweeted that he recorded the set, and we will get to hear it soon.

Deadmau5 has made it clear that he loves techno, and we're looking forward to hearing his Amnesia set.

If you can't wait for the set, deadmau5 streamed a set on live.deadmau5.com that he called a “live full on techno-actual-good-music set.” It was a very techno and minimal influenced set. He also played a B2B show with Richie Hawtin at SXSW last year. We've included both sets below for your listening pleasure.

Written by Harvit Gill

Cover photo credit: Rukes

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