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EDM.com Spotlight

EDM Meets Indie Dance With Tundran's Breakout Single [Interview + Premiere]

As EDM continues to blend and build upon the aspects of live music, bands and producers alike are creatively blurring the lines between the two differing genres. Pushing sounds that are both unique and unprecedented, [][][][][][][], or Tundran, is effectively reviving the soul and disco sound that was once so prominent but has since dissolved in recent times. We have seen a resurgence of this revitalized sound through acts like Chromeo and Kygo, however Tundran is taking an incredibly refreshing approach to their sound, and their new single "Still Afraid" provides a dream-like glimpse into the magic that these talented young musicians are creating today. EDM.com is incredibly proud to present an exclusive premiere of the duo's new single, as well as an intimate interview with Felix & Jakob of Tundran on how they started and where they're headed.

How do you define Tundran?

Tundran isn't really anything yet. We are still working on becoming Tundran - it's something we aim to achieve.

So you guys have worked together for quite some time then?

Yeah, we've been friends since forever and have always been jamming together.

Tundran’s sound blends a broad array music, from retro sounds to new age moods - who do you draw your inspirations from?

We like to see our music as a stepson of Fleetwood Mac, or maybe that weird cousin to the early Daft Punk. We're definitely related to Earth, Wind and Fire too.

You seem to draw a lot of inspiration from bands of earlier generations - why so?

We never really got to experience the disco and funk era, but we have always been huge fans.

Would you say disco, funk, and soul are more than just a style of music?

Felix: Most music styles are often more than just music. If a song gets stuck to your head it could either be a disease or a blessing.

Jakob: It could be both?

Felix: It could be both.

Your first single "Still Afraid" showcases a broad range of instruments and elements, despite there being just two of you - what is the process like creating each track?

We usually start with a feeling or a rhythm, that turns into a groove, then into a beat of some kind. After that we just add the instruments and elements needed to complete the song. We decided from the beginning to play all instruments and sing ourselves, making it easier to express our feelings.

Is "Still Afraid" influenced by personal experiences or more?

Jakob: The sound in "Still Afraid" was inspired by a dream I had, with a very weird vibe, which we described as "safari-disco". It's like slowly floating down the amazon, watching all the animals along the banks, while drifting closer to a smaller South American city.

Felix: I'd say its a mix of things we've experienced ourselves, and stuff we've seen on television.

And the lyrics? What message does "Still Afraid" represent?

Jakob: It's about not totally being who you wish to be... yet.

Live music has continuously grown to involve electronic music, both in its productions and live performances; will your live performance draw EDM influences as well?

Jakob: Music is best experienced live. Doesn't really matter what form or genre. Our live performances will definitely include live elements, but we are also huge fans of the performances in the electronic world.

Felix: As long as the performance is good, it doesn't really matter HOW it's performed.

So does Tundran plan to work with any EDM-labeled acts?

Jakob: It's already happening!

Looking ahead, what else can we expect from Tundran in the coming months?

We're very humbled and grateful for the insane responses we've gotten so far. This track is the first one from our debut EP. We'll be posting a lot of stuff on our Soundcloud during the next couple of months, followed by a more official EP release.

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