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Two Belgian Companies Are Revolutionizing How We Camp At Festivals

Festival camping may never be the same again.

Forget your flimsy tents and halfhearted attempts to inflate your air mattress, because the next best thing in camping gear has arrived. B-and-Bee are honeycomb structures meant to “give festival lovers around the world the sweetest [dreams],” according to the official website.

The idea was spawned a year ago by Belgian design firms Compaan and Labeur, and received accolades at a creative competition in Antwerp. The firms eventually decided to collaborate with Achilles Design and One Small Step in order to better contest for funding through CICI 2014. With this innovation scholarship having been acquired, B-and-Bee are coming to fruition and will see its public debut during the Ghent Festivities this year.

Guys, this is revolutionary.

To start, B-and-Bee provides a solution toward reducing the incredibly detrimental environmental impact that results from the production of a festival. It is bound to decrease the amount of trash left behind at a festival simply by eliminating the need for tents – an item that is very often neglected in the aftermath of a festival.

The quick assembly of a B-and-Bee adds to its allure, because to be honest – there are just some of us out there who cannot pitch a tent if our lives depended on it. I remember how confident my friend and I were in pitching our tent at Mysteryland… only for it to collapse on us while we were not-so-soundly sleeping through the torrential downpours.

If a B-and-Bee had been available then, our experience would have been a lot less shameful, and we likely would have rested easier knowing that our wooden structure was not bound to fold into a heap of failure at a moment’s notice. 

Our lack of preparedness (and stunning ineptitude for camping in general) led us to also rely on our neighbors’ seating amenities. Had we shown up with a B-and-Bee, we would’ve been the coolest kids on the block, because the king size bed included in the camping cell can be transformed into a couch!

The best part about this entire concept is how well-thought out the solution is. Security agencies, festival organizations, urban services, and focus groups of festival attendees were all consulted throughout the design phase of B-and-Bee in order to ensure the highest level of functionality. Furthermore, a B-and-Bee permits more space within campgrounds, as they are able to stack vertically. This inherently ensures a more intimate experience with the group you attend the festival with, since the B-and-Bee creates a hive of friends that are just a cell away!

With all the advantages and remedies that this solution provides, B-and-Bee is bound to change the way concert-goers camp. As an avid festival goer who could do without the “roughing it” aspect of camping, I eagerly await the day I can snag one of these nifty arrangements.

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Cover Credit: B-and-Bee 

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