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EDM.com Spotlight

Pretty Lights At Red Rocks Will Display The Future Of EDM

Pretty Lights announces 3 different sets each night at Red Rocks

Pretty Lights has been an innovator in dance music for quite some time, whether that be from his use of samples, vinyl, and analog instruments in music production, unique sound design, insane light rigs or live show that is nearly unrivaled in the industry. This coming weekend, Pretty Lights will take on Red Rocks Amphitheatre for the 5th consecutive year, only this time with some brand new twists ready for each set of the two-day experience. 

On August 8th and 9th, the Colorado-based producer will be playing 3 sets each night, and each one will be a different twist on the Pretty Lights style. According to Pretty Light’s Facebook page (below), each night he will play “1 solo production set, 1 set with the live band, and 1 set combining solo live production with the live band and 13-piece orchestra.” Yes, you read that correctly. Pretty Lights has been practicing with 13 members of the Colorado Symphony Orchestra and will debut their special live performance at Red Rocks this weekend.

Check out more information on the performance in Pretty Lights’ Facebook post below. Both of Pretty Lights' shows at Red Rocks are already sold out, and we recommend being cautious when purchasing tickets online as this show is typically one of the hottest selling shows at Red Rocks each summer.


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