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EDM.com Spotlight

The Quest For Love Within EDM

One simple question: does her taste in music really matter? I contemplate this issue daily, as I imagine my fellow electronic music lovers do as well. A person can have all the personality, wits, style, and swagger, but they're truly not the bonafide “total package” unless their heart beats at 128, 140, or another EDM industry-vetted BPM.

As a guy, you don’t need a raver girl (and quite frankly they are a lot to handle), a festival girl (even though they are totally fun), or even need a girl who likes to go to clubs (even though they are enjoyable every once in a while).

What you DO need is a girl who likes the music. You need someone who can relate to you when you say Porter Robinson’s "Sea Of Voices" is just as incredible as the New York Symphony Orchestra - someone who sees the merit in digital music within an analog world.

I was thinking about all the times that my friends and I strolled into a bar on an increasingly rare “non-festival” weekend grabbed a Vodka Red Bull (festival branding at its finest), and immediately spotted a girl whose demeanor and appearance demanded our attention. The scenario is all too familiar for many of us, and the series of events that follow have more times than not turned from a dream to a nightmare. 

As the laws of attraction fall into place, you realize that she is looking right into your eyes. At first, you’re freaked out. Like, more freaked out than the first time you saw a slew of men dressed up like bananas at your first Compound show (Dada Land). But after a moment, you realize that this girl is actually smiling at you. You think “jackpot” as you walk towards her, emanating swagger with each step as you mentally prepare your introduction to buy her a drink. After the obligatory pleasantries, you get to the meat of the conversation, which includes typical inquiries such as:

“Who is your favorite DJ, are you into Trap, is PLUR in your vocabulary” (just kidding, but seriously).

It doesn't take long for you to realize that there is a stronger-than-normal connection between you both, as you notice her responses to the aforementioned questions continuously “exceed your expectations.”

Now you’re feeling like you're on "Cloud 9," asking yourself, “How did I get so lucky?” You get on the dance floor after a few drinks and start jammin’ out to “Wake Me Up.” She’s loving it, and you think “Perfect, it may be mainstream, but she’s not running away from the EDM - we have a winner folks.”

The night ends with you bringing her home, which is refreshing because usually “bringing someone home” means taking them to whatever "pitched tent" you can find, but now you get to feel like a king with your awesome double bed, in a shared 3 bedroom apartment. After a magical night, the fun continues for weeks. On the 3rd date you pick her up with BPM on the radio. When “Turn Down For What “ comes on and she starts “raving,” you instantly ask her to be your GF. Suddenly, you have an exclusive relationship.

Nearly two months in, you look in the mirror and really start grinning at the situation you have landed yourself in. As you're leaving the bathroom and making your way downstairs, you hit a wall - is that rock music? You start to hear Sheryl Crow coming out of the kitchen. In a state of shock and horror, you turn around the corner to see your beloved girl lip synching the lyrics, the title of which your dignity prevents you from knowing.

Faced with such blatant sacrilege, you slowly turn the music down and ask her, “Hey... what is this noise you're listening to?” Her ostensibly innocent response struck me like lightning - “Oh, I am a huge country music fan, I only listen to that EDM garbage because that’s what they play at the bar, but I really cant stand it. Country is where it is at.”

Responding with a small laugh (as you fight thoughts of giving her the execution finger from “The Dictator”) you tell her that you need to run and get coffee from the Starbucks around the corner.

The second the door closes, you start planning the breakup, thinking “If she can’t listen to EDM then I can’t date her, that’s preposterous, what is wrong with her.” The fury that starts rushing through your veins is muddled with utmost betrayal, arising a special feeling inside that is only reserved for those that are rude enough to test your love for EDM.

Clearly looks, smarts, money, style, love, and personality are secondary to the avid electronic music lover - our needs are seeded deeper than that. We need the connection that sound provides, the ability to flow through a melody and find the other person waiting at the drop. It's that undying feeling of togetherness that only electronic music can bring, and no other genre has a right to do. That’s our beautiful gift, and ours alone.

Written by Matthew Medney