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Dillon Francis Attacked By Fan: Why DJs Deserve More Respect From The EDM Community

Dillon Francis was attacked by a flying RC Cola can last night, and it prematurely ended his show in New Orleans. A hateful "fan" threw the can at him, causing the star producer to go to the emergency room to receive stitches. 

Luckily, he had a good sense of humor about the situation.

What happened to Dillon Francis is yet another example of DJs not receiving the respect they deserve from fans. When you attend a show, you need to realize that everyone else in the audience has paid hard-earned money in order to see one of their favorite DJs/producers spin. Unfortunately, there are bad apples in the community, and they feel like they're more important than the rest of the crowd. A fan's overinflated ego can directly lead to a DJ being disrespected in front of an entire crowd. 

This is something that must stop. It's one thing to verbally abuse a DJ, but it's entirely different to try and physically hurt them. If you decide to throw something at a DJ, you're instantly putting them in danger. A professional entertainer deserves to be treated much better than that. 

In addition to what happened to Dillon Francis, another unfortunate incident took place just a few weeks ago. Diplo was on stage when a fan threw kandi at him. Kandi clearly isn't a dangerous weapon, but the action still showed a great deal of disrespect towards one of the world's most popular DJs. Diplo has made his distaste for kandi well known, but he still handled the situation with grace.

The legendary DJ Dan might have received the worst treatment from a fan this year. Read his description of the event below:

"The place was packed with my hardcore followers and the vibe was amazing. A girl who obviously did not know anything about me (or the night) kept coming up to me asking for a request I did not have nor would I ever play. I politely told her that I did not have it but if I had a remix of it that I liked I would play it but I just don’t have it. She said ‘How can you not have that? You’re the dj, you should have that’.

Then at about 1:30 she came back up asking for it again with a guy next to her. I honestly didn’t even realize they were together and trusting that the place was packed with people that came to hear my set, I figured he was a fan and he would hear me out and help me get through to her. Especially since he could see that I was still mixing and could not carry on this conversation. I looked at him and said…can you please explain to her that the track she is asking for is just not my style or sound? Shockingly, he started lunging an at me and said something along the lines of, ‘Bro you need to stop being disrespectful to her and play the song…’ To which I responded that no, actually I don’t! Then he ran up into the dj booth and swung at me, fortunately he missed and barely got me. Right then my friend stepped in between the two of us until the security guards came to have them removed from the club. While this was happening, I shut the music off and pointed right at him and announced ‘This guy just tried to hit me because I wouldn’t play his girl’s mainstream request’. The crowd booed at him and then I made my announcement that was captured on video.”


Hell, even Justin Bieber jumped on the disrespecting DJs bandwagon. 


Ultimately, fans are responsible for cultivating a safe environment for themselves and the artists. The dance music community has long been known as a place where everyone respects one another. However, this recent string of anger shown towards producers/DJs has been disheartening. We cannot allow dance music to devolve into a disrespectful community where fans are constantly allowed to attack the DJs who have helped develop the scene. We must work collectively to expand dance music to greater heights rather than stunt its growth through rampant disrespect.

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