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EDM.com Spotlight

Dillon Francis To Premiere New Single Today on SiriusXM BPM

Dillon Francis' brand-new single is premiering on SiriusXM BPM today at 5pm EST.

Dillon Francis fans have eagerly awaited for the rising stars' debut full-length album Money Sucks, Friends Rule for months, and we're only 1 day away from being able to pre-order the album on iTunes.  In order to build hype for the album, Dillon will be premiering a never-been-heard single from the album today with DJ Ben Harvey at 5pm EST on SiriusXM BPM.  The single features house stars Sultan + Ned Shepard, which means this single could be something entirely different from what we are used to from Dillon (although we could envision something reminiscent of his hit "Without You").

Dillon has been busy hyping the album on social media as well, offering "just the tip" of his album cover.  Although it is unconfirmed, images of the album cover have surfaced and they're just as humourous as you would expect!  Check out the cover art below, and be sure to tune into SiriusXM BPM today to hear the premiere of his new single!

Money Sucks Friends Rule Cover

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