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EDM.com Spotlight

Listen To Porter Robinson's New Album, 'Worlds'

Mondays are typically the most dreaded day of the week, but thanks to NPR and Porter Robinson partnering to give us our first listen of Worlds, we're having an amazing start to the week. To listen to the stream of the album, click here.

We're still going through our first listen of the album, so we can't offer much commentary beyond what we've published in the past. Just last week, EDM.com Staff Writer Nicole Suhr posed the question, "Is Porter Robinson's Worlds Album More Monumental Than We Thought?" Now, you'll have the chance to listen to the album and formulate your own answer to her question.

To give you some context of Robinson's mindset while creating Worlds, take a look at what he tweeted before releasing "Sea of Voices," his lead single off of the album.

This album might not seem like a landmark accomplishment when compared to a band like M83, but it is a huge jump for Robinson. The reason it is being viewed as revolutionary within the dance music community is because Robinson grew up as a producer of house, dubstep, and electro music. For a musician who was solely an EDM producer to evolve into someone who makes beautiful music like M83 and other indie dance acts is a big transition. Unlike M83, Robinson brings his previous EDM lovers to this completely different type of music.. This is literally a journey of music discovery for many of his fans.

Yes, there are producers like BT and Andrew Bayer out there who are extremely talented and have the ability to create albums like Worlds. However, they don't have the ear of the EDM generation like Robinson does. It'll be very interesting to witness the effect Worlds has on the EDM community. Worlds will be officially released on August 12th.

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