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EDM.com Spotlight

'Dubstep' Added To The Scrabble Dictionary

After being added to Merriam-Webster's College Dictionary earlier this year, "dubstep" has now been added to the Official Scrabble Players Dictionary. It will be worth 12 points.

We know that Words With Friends has taken Scrabble's place as this generation's word game of choice, but it's still cool to see electronic music genres gaining legitimacy in the eyes of dictionary editors.

Maybe you'll find yourself playing Scrabble during a visit to grandma's house in the future, and you'll be granted the opportunity to blow her mind by dropping dubstep on the board?

In addition to dubstep, Scrabble added approximately 5,000 new words to its dictionary. Here's a list of some of the more notable words: bromance, buzzkill, chillax, hashtag, selfie, soju, texter, and vlog.

With dance music hitting the mainstream, we wouldn't be surprised to see more genres and dance music terms added to the dictionary over the next few years. 

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