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5 Times Dance Music Made Its Mark On Comic Con 2014

San Diego Comic Con is where the biggest stars from the film and television industries get together to promote their projects. It started out as a small comic book convention, but it has grown into one of the most in-demand events in the world. Comic Con ran from July 23rd-27th this year.

With so many famous people in one spot, it should come as no surprise that some massive parties occur during Comic Con weekend. Once the convention ends for the day, and the sun goes down, Comic Con attendees are on a mission to party as hard as possible. Actors and actresses need good music to dance to, so some talented acts were booked to perform throughout the weekend. To help you understand the impact of dance music at the convention, we've put together a list of five times it made its mark on Comic Con 2014. 

1) Wax Motif at the Sin City 2/IGN party

Hollywood dominated the Sin City 2/IGN party at the Hard Rock Hotel, which meant that it was a place to see and be seen. At the start of the party, people were sitting down and chowing down on hors d'oeuvres. The party started two hours before Wax Motif was scheduled to take the stage, and I was wondering what the vibe would be like once he stepped up to the decks. I wasn't sure how the Hollywood industry people would react, but I was intrigued. During the two hours before Wax Motif took the stage, a warm-up DJ put together a groovy set. Unfortunately, no one was paying attention, and the front of the stage was completely empty. In between sets, some Sin City-themed Suicide Girls took to the stage to scandalously dance for the crowd. This actually got the party's attendees to pay attention to the stage, and it must have been the strangest opening Wax Motif has ever had. 

Nonetheless, Wax Motif took the stage and played an awesome set from start to finish. Some highlights of the set were when he played What So Not's "Jaguar," the Skrillex, Kill The Noise, and Milo & Otis remix of "NRG," and his own track, "Go Deep." The crowd was tough to please since most of them were there for the free drinks and to discuss Hollywood with each other, but Wax Motif was able to get the dance floor pretty rowdy for a while. In fact, some people even jumped on stage and started twerking when he dropped some trap.

2) Grimes and MGMT on the USS Midway

The USS Midway is a decommissioned aircraft carrier, and it has been turned into an awe-inspiring museum. It is easily one of the coolest venues I've witnessed a show at. Grimes and MGMT aren't acts you'd typically place under the umbrella of "EDM," but they certainly create danceable music. To make it even more interesting, Grimes played a DJ set. I was very intrigued by the prospect of a Grimes DJ set, as her flop during a Boiler Room broadcast has become legendary. Overall, it was a fun party, and Grimes' poppy DJ set catered to the crowd that was on the ship. MGMT played a set full of their hit songs, which brought me back to my college days. Overall, this was an awesome party.

3) Skrillex trying to sneak into Comic Con

I have no idea if Skrillex was able to sneak into Comic Con, but he was definitely in San Diego on Friday of the convention. He showed up at Bang Bang, one of San Diego's top clubs, and he hung out there during Lee K's set. Also, he sent a tweet to Grimes, asking where she was DJing that night.

We have no confirmation on whether Skrillex made it to the USS Midway to see Grimes spin, but we know that he was trying his best to have fun at Comic Con. 

4) Bixel Boys at Bang Bang

The night after Skrillex went to Bang Bang, the Bixel Boys played a set there. It wasn't an official Comic Con party, but there were a lot of Comic Con attendees at the show. As always, Bixel Boys laid down a fun set, which included trap, deep house, g house, and their signature big room underground sound. 

5) DJ Artistic at the WIRED Cafe

The WIRED Cafe is a Comic Con lounge where Hollywood stars get away from the Comic Con madness during the day. The lounge had an open Game of Thrones-themed bar, complete with their Ommegang collaboration beers. In fact, Pedro Pascal (Prince Oberyn in GoT) even poured some beer for fans. With this type of crowd, DJ Artistic had a tough task ahead of him. He was playing to an eclectic mix of people, but he did a great job. He played some dubstep, house, future bass, and Jersey club, and he was also able to weave in some mainstream songs, including 80s rock & roll for the Hollywood crowd. 

Honorable mentions: Giraffage and Drop The Lime at VICE's Batman party, Lil Jon at 3BlackDot's party, Charity Strike at Bassmnt, Dim Mak Records' Comic Con Party 

Cover photo credit: Rukes

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