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EDM.com Spotlight

Ookay Shows His Love For Pizza In Entertaining EDC Las Vegas Recap [Interview]

Ookay released his EDC Las Vegas recap video last week, and it's far different than any other EDC recap you'll find on YouTube. It is reminiscent of an episode of Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! with its random stuttering and different objects that pop up on the screen. Basically, it's awesome. Watch the recap below, then read EDM.com's interview with Ookay to learn more about the talented producer.

(M= Mike Walkusky of EDM.com; O = Ookay)

M: You went to EDC instead of prom in 2010. Now, you've performed at EDC yourself. How did it feel to perform a B2B set with Kennedy Jones at EDC?

O: It's a pretty intense feeling. It was great to know I got to play alongside a great friend. The crowd and the whole EDC experience in general was a blast!

M: What was your entire Vegas experience like during EDC Week?

O: Well, a lot of reuniting with fellow DJ/producers, and I finally got to shoot guns thanks to Peerless Group. I got little sleep and partied 'til the sun came up. You know….the usual. 

M: I'm a San Diego native, and I could never imagine moving out of the area, but you had to for your career. How's the move to LA been for you?

O: Yeah, it was tough leaving such a beautiful city, but the move was neccesary in order for me to grow as an artist. Honestly, I’ve been on the road so long. I’m never home anyways, so it hasn’t affected me too bad yet.

M: You played a Coaster set at Bang Bang in February. What else can we expect from the Coaster project?

O: Yeah! Great times! Coaster is a slow and spontaneous project, so a new song might happen tomorrow or in two months. I really have no way of telling.

M: What was it like working with Showtek?

O: The guys are great! So creative and just a blast to hang out with. It was awesome seeing the finished product unfold into a viral hit.

M: What can your fans expect from Ookay over the next few months?

O: A new EP, thats for sure, and I’ll continue to do what I’ve been doing since I started Ookay: making new music. I’ll be experimenting a lot more now too. Trying to test new waters.

M: What is your favorite type of pizza and why?

O: I love olive, mushroom, and jalapeño pizza. Originally, I would have said pepperoni, but I’m vegetarian now.

M: Your Twitter presence has been huge in growing your fan base. What are your thoughts on Twitter, and how much time do you spend on it?

O: I love Twitter. It's such a fast and direct way to communicate with fellow DJs and fans. The fact that I keep that relationship close brings a big audience. I spend a lot of time on Twitter, especially during layovers. That's usually when the funny tweets come out most.

M: How did you break you arm, and how has it affected your work?

O: *laughs* I hurt it really bad during one of my shows. I swung my arm down and brought my knee up at the same time, and they connected. I had to play the rest of the show with ice on it. Luckily, all is well now, and it didn’t affect my work too much. Just working with one arm for a while isn’t too bad. And it wasn’t my main arm, just my right arm.

Cover photo credit: Oh Dag Yo

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